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It depends on the density and if it's one millilitre of air, wood or wool then it is smaller but if it's steel, copper, iron, gold, silver, platinum, brass or graphite then one gram is smaller than millilitre.

BUt we have to consider the further effects or the future mass in mixing or including the other objects so it is more complicated than you think them

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One mililiter is smaller than a gram

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Q: Is 1 milliliter smaller than 1 gram?
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Which one is bigger milliliters or grams?

A strange question. Bigger? Only if you have pure water in mind, then: 1 milliliter of pure water weigh 1 gram. A gram any material with a density greater than 1 will be smaller than a milliliter of the same material. If the material has a density smaller than 1, a milliliter will smaller.

What is greater a liter or milliliter?

A litre is much larger. There are 100 millilitres in one litre.Liter is greater. mL stands for milliliter and is much smaller, just like millimeter compared to a meter.

How much is 1 gram in water?

1 gram of water is equivalent to 1 milliliter of water, as the density of water is very close to 1 gram per milliliter.

What is the mass of a milliliter of water?

1 milliliter or 1 cubic centimeter of pure water weighs 1 gram, or has the mass of 1 gram.

What does One milliliter of water has a mass of?

1 milliliter or 1 cubic centimeter of pure water weighs 1 gram, or has the mass of 1 gram.

Is a milligram bigger than a gram?

Yes, a gram is bigger than a milligram. 1 gram is 1000mg

If milliliter is to liter than what is to kilogram?

gram. * 1 liter- 1000 milliliters * 1 gram-100milligrams * 1 kilogram-1000 grams 1000 mL = 1 L1000 gram = 1 kg

Is 1 gram equivalent to 1 mg?

no because mg means mili gram which makes it smaller than a gram

What is the difference between mg and milliliter?

Milligrams (mg) is a unit of weight or mass, while milliliters (mL) is a unit of volume. One milliliter of water weighs about 1 gram, so in general terms, they can be considered roughly equivalent when dealing with water. However, for other substances, the relationship between milligrams and milliliters can vary.

How do you calculate the mass of 1ml of water?

The density of water is approximately 1 gram per milliliter. Therefore, the mass of 1 milliliter of water is 1 gram.

How many milleters are in a gram?

1 milliliter of pure water weighs 1 gram.

How do you different water milliliter and oil milliliter?

Water milliliter and oil milliliter are the same unit of measurement, and both measure volume. However, they represent different substances - water milliliter measures volume of water, while oil milliliter measures volume of oil. This means that 1 milliliter of water will have a different volume and mass than 1 milliliter of oil.