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No, a century is shorter than a millennium. A century is 100 years and a millennium is 1,000 years.

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No. A century equals 100 years. A millennium equals 1,000 years.

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Q: Is a century longer than a millennium?
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Is a millennium longer than a century?

yes it is 1000 years a century is 100 years.

What is longer than a decade and shorter than a millennium?

The truthful answer is a Century, in both individual letter length and period of measurable time, you simpleton.

What is larger than a century?

A millennium

What is century millennium?

A century is 100 years. A millennium is 1000 years. There are 10 centuries in a millennium.

What is the antonym for century?

There is no antonym for century. The closest I could come would be a second. A century is a long time (by normal human standards) and a second is a short time. But then, a millisecond is even shorter than a second, and a millennium is even longer than a century, so we do not really have exact opposites here.

What is the century and millennium for 2009?

2009 is in the 21st century and 3rd millennium.

What is the Century before the millennium?

I think the century before the millennium is 100 years before so if the millennium was 2001 (which it was) the century before would be 1901.

What is less than a millennium?

A millennium is 1000 years; a century is 100 years; a decade is 10 years. Of course, anything less than 1000 years would reply to your question, for example, "997 years is less than a millennium".

What fraction of a millennium is a century?

A century is 100 years, and a millennium is 1000 years, so a millennium has 10 centuries.

What year is exactly one century before the millennium?

Exactly one century before the last millennium was 900. This millennium started with 2001.

What is more than one century?

millennium = 1,000 years eternity - forever your mom

How many years are there in a century and how many years are there in a millennium?

There are 100 years in a century. There are 1000 years in a millennium.