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Yes, as one inch is 2.54 centimeters, a cubic inch is greater than a cubic centimeter.

A cubic inch would be (2.54)^3 (2.54 to the power of 3) cubic centimeters, which is about 16.39 cubic centimeters or cm^3.

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Q: Is a cubic inch greater than a cubic centimeter?
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Is a inch greater than a centimeter?

An Inch is bigger than a centimeter. 2.54 centimeters are in an inch.

Is a cubic inch longer than a cubic centimeter?

ok genius is an inch longer than a centimeter? yes look at a ruler 2.54 cm in one inch

What is the power of ten is a cubic meter greater than a cubic of milliter?

By what power of ten is a cubic meter greater than a cubic centimeter?

Which measure is greater one inch or one centimeter?

It is one inch that is greater than one cm

Is a cm greater or smaller than a inch?

A centimeter is about 2.54 times smaller than an inch.

Is 1 inch greater than 3 centimeter?

No. An inch is equal to 2.54 centimetres.

Is 1 inch less than 1 cm?

No, an inch is about 2.54 times greater than a centimeter.

What is a cubic centimeter of space?

A cubic centimeter of space is a measure of volume. It is the volume marked out by a cube that is one centimeter on an edge. There are about 2.54 centimeters in an inch, so the cube will be a bit less than half an inch cubed, or a cube a bit less than half an inch on an edge.

What is greater cubic meters or cubic centimeters?

Cubic meters are tremendously larger than cubic centimeters. Remember that a centimeter is a hundredth of a meter.

How big is a cubic cm?

A cubic centimeter is about the size of a sugar cube. It is about 2/5 of an inch (a little less than half an inch) on each side.

Is a cubic meter larger or smaller than a cubic centimeter?

A cubic meter is larger than a cubic centimeter.

Is 1in greater than 1 centimeter?

Yes because 1 inch is about 2.54 centimeters

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