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Paper is a 3D object.

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Q: Is a piece of paper a 2D shape or a 3D shape?
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Is paper a 2D or a 3D shape?

A piece of paper is 3D.

Is a piece of paper a 2D or 3D shape?


Is a diamond a 2D shape or a 3D shape?


Is a circle 3D?

No, it's 2D. Anything that fits on a piece of paper (for example) is 2D. The 3D equivalent of a circle is a sphere.

Are people 3D?

Yes we are because 2d is a piece of paper flat

Is a piece of paper a 3D shape?


Is a camera 3d shape?

A camera is a 3D shape. A photograph is a 2D projection of a 3D shape onto a 2D shape.

Quadrilateral is it a 3d shape or 2d shape?


Is everything a 3D shape?

Not really, everything is 3D except paper, it's flat and it's 2D.

Is square a 2D shape or a 3D shape?

It's a 2D shape.

Is a hexagon a 2d or 3d shape?


Are Polygons a 2D or 3D shape?


Is television a 2D shape or 3D shape?

A television set is a 3D shape. The image (picture) on the television screen is a 2D shape. 3D is when it has length, width, and height. 2D is only length and width.

Is a pyramid a 2D shape or a 3D shape?

a pyramid is a 3D shape :)

Why is origami sushi?

origami is NOT food. it is folding paper into a shape that is either 2d or 3d.

What is the differnence between 3d shape and 2d shape?

A sheet of A4 paper could be classed as a plane 2D shape, as it has length x width. A shoebox is an example of a 3D shape, as it has length x width x depth.

Is an octagon 3D or 2D?

It's a 2D shape.

Is rhombus a 3d shape?

No it is a 2d shape

What does 2D and 3D mean?

3D means that the picture or movie has depth. Like, it looks like the picture is jumping out at you. 2D is like a drawing on a piece of paper. It has no depth.

Define 3D art?

A flat piece of paper (a drawing, a painting, a photo) is 2D. An object (a sculpture, a building, a car) is 3D.

Is a cylinder a 2d shape?

no, it's a 3D shape. (:

Is a triangular prism a 2d shape?

No, it is a 3D shape.

What is the 3D name for a nonagon?

A nonagon is a 2D shape and there is not a 3D equivalent shape.

Is a dodecahedron 2d or3d?

A dodecahedron is a 3D shape but it's 2D shape is a dodecagon.

Is a octahedron a 2D or 3D shape?

The suffix "hedron" implies 3D. The 2D suffix is "gon"