Is and arrow a polygon

Updated: 10/31/2022
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an arrow is or isn't a polygon?

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It is not a polygon

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Q: Is and arrow a polygon
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Is a polygon a arrow?

The polygon is not a arrow. It is a shape.

Is an arrow a polygon if so why?

An arrow can be a polygon. A polygon is any two dimensional plane figure. An arrow can, obviously, be a three dimensional object.

Is an arrow a polygon?

A polygon is a shape that is closed with straight sides and the sides do not overlap like these. I don't know if an arrow is a polygon.

Would an arrow be a polygon?

No, an arrow is not a polygon. A polygon is a closed shape formed by straight lines. An arrow has a pointed end and a tail, which does not meet the definition of a polygon.

Is there such thing as a 7-sided polygon?

Yes, there is. For example, a box-letter arrow is a polygon. A stick-letter arrow is not, because it is not in 1 piece

How many edges does a arrow have?

An arrow head has 4 sides and it is a quadrilateral polygon

What polygon is shaped like a arrow?


Is an arrow a convex polygon?

Y es

Is an arrow a regular or a irregular?

It is an irregular polygon.

Why is a arrow not a polygon?

If it is the outline of an arrow, and is made up of only straight lines, then it is a polygon. I tried to "draw" one, as an example, but the browser used at this site completely messed it up.

Is an arrow a regular polygon?

No but it is a quadrilateral because it has 4 sides

What kind of polygon is an arrow?

This question is very difficult to answer because of the ambiguity of what an "arrow" is. An arrow that you might fire from a bow is a three dimensional object and so is not a polygon. An arrow drawn as a straight line with a direction indicator at its head with or without tail feathers (for example <|----<< : oh, the graphics on this browser are so good, aren't they!) is not a polygon because the shaft is a line: a 1-dimensional object. An arrow such as the default one used to represent the cursor in Windows is a concave heptagon.