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Yes, four fifths is 80% and three fourths would be 75%.

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Yes, 4/5 > 3/4.

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Q: Is four fifths bigger than three fourths?
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Which is bigger four fifths or three quarters?

four fifths is bigger

What is three-fifths of four-ninths multiplied by two-fifths of five-fourths?


2 fourths times four fifths?

2 fourths times four fifths is 2 fifths.

What is three fourths plus four fifths?

1 7/20

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What is the answer to seven and three fourths and eight and four fifths?

16 11/20

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six and eleven twentieths

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Which is bigger the fraction three fourths or four fifths?

3|4 = 3 / 4 = .75 4|5 = 4 / 5 = .80 Answer: 3|4 < 4|5