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It is not only possible , it is not really unusual for either a boy or a girl to be that tall in 6th grade.

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i'm am 5,6 in 6th grade

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Q: Is it possible for a 6th grader to be 5 foot 5?
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What is the average height for a eleventh grader?

about 5 foot 8 for a male and 5 foot 3 for a female there you go

What is the average height for a 6th grader in the east?

well i suppose about 1m and 40-47cm

Is 5 foot 2 ok for someone whos 12?

Yes it is fine. I have a friend who is about that high and he plays Football and runs a 6 min mile. also a 9th grader friend who is 5 foot 1.

How tall is a 6th grader?

You want to know what an average 6th grade height is? Everyone is different but usually 6th graders are from 4'8" to 5'4"... I was 5 feet in 6th grade and I was always average when it came to hieght. I hope this helped. :-)

How much time did the average roman spend in the forum?

They spend over 5-10 hours in the forum trust me im a 6th grader

What is simple intrest?

This was answered by a 6th grader. Example- Principal - 100 Intrest Rate - 5% Time in years - 3 100 x .05 = 5 5 x 3 = 15

What is the avg height of a eighth grader?

the average height of the 8th graders in my class is usually 5 foot 10 sometimes 6 feet tall with the boys

Average height of girl 6th grader?

The answers may vary A LOT. I would estimate maybe 5 foot. It may be different.

How tall will i be if am 16 and about 5 foot 2?

It is not possible to predict the height that you will eventually reach.

How tall will you be if your 13 years old and between 5 foot 10 and 5 foot 10 and a half and have a size 12 shoe your mom is 5 foot 5 and your dad is 5 foot 10 or 11?

well my mom is 5''3 and my dad is 5''10 dude anything is possible you wont no until you stop i am 6'' and my doctor is saying ill be 6''5

How tall is a third grader?

Probable around 3'8-4-3. It varies.

How can you get a seventh grader to like you if your only a 6th grader?

I was a sixth grader last year. I liked a 7th grader too. That's perfectly normal. If you want to get him or her to like you, just do these things. You can: 1. Act like a 7th grader. 2. Find some 7th grade friends and hang out with them a lot. 3. Ask them out. 4. If they say no, just be yourself and joke off the pain they caused you. 5. Talk to them, or get their number. By now they will probably like you, but if they don't, its time to move on.