Is negative 8 a whole number?

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Yes, -8 is a whole number

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Q: Is negative 8 a whole number?
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Can you convert fractions into a negative whole integer?

Yes, I can: multiply them by their negative reciprocal then the result will always be a negative whole number - the number -1. For example 5/8 → 5/8 × -8/5 = -1 However, if you mean by "convert" changing into an equivalent fraction, then only if they are the equivalent of a negative whole number can it be done. For example -8/2 = -4

How do you turn a negative number to a whole number?

You do nothing. A negative number is a whole number.

Is a negative number whole?

It can be. -3 is a whole negative number (a negative integer) but -2.5 is not.

Is negative 0.6 a whole number?

Negative 0.6 is not a whole number.

What are any of the whole numbers or negative numbers?

6 is a whole number -47.03 is a negative number -179 is a negative whole number

Which number could be a reminder for a problem with a divisor of 8?

Any non-negative number less than 8. If the number being divided is not a whole number, the remainder will not be a whole number either.

Why are the negative numbers not a whole number?

They can be. For example, -3 is a negative whole number.

Why is negative 8 a rational number?

Any whole number can be written as a fraction, with the whole number in the numerator, and the number one in the denominator. Compare this to the definition of "rational number".

What is negative integers number?

integers are basically any whole number, a negative integer is a negative whole number...such as -12

What is divisible by the number 8?

8xN where N is any integer (whole number, positive, negative or zero)

Is a negative integer the same as a negative number?

A negative number can refer to any number with a - symbol before it, for example, -3, or -7.5, or -9.9993. A negative integer can only refer to a whole number, such as -3, or -8, or -12.

Is -8 an integer?

Yes, an integer is either a positive or negative whole number.

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