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No; a fraction is in general NOT an integer.More precisely, if - when you convert the fraction to simplest terms - the denominator is different from 1, then it is NOT an integer.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

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No because integers are whole numbers

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Q: Is negetive two thirdth an integer?
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How do divide integers?

* The quotient of two positive integers or two negative integers is positive. * The quotient of a positive integer and a negetive integer is negetive.

What is the greatest negetive integer?

Integers never stop. There is no single greatest one.

What does negetive integer means?

Nothing, since there is no such word as "negetive". Negative integers are whole number that are smaller than zero. They may also be defined as the additive inverses of counting (or natural) numbers.

What does a negetive and a negetive make?

It makes a positive.

What is negetive 3 minus negetive 2?


What is the product of two negetive numbers?

The product of two negative numbers results in a positive number.

What is the answer to two thirdth multiplied by m equals one?

2/3*m is 1. 2/3=0.6667. m = 1/0.6667. M is 1.5.

What is an integer that is divisible by two?

An even integer

The reciprocal of an integer plus the reciprocal of two times the integer plus two equals Find the integer?


Is the product of an integer is an integer?

The product of any two or more integers is an integer.

How do you drop voltage in parallel circuit?

it does not meet,positive goes to positive and negetive to negetive.

What does negetive 16 minus negetive 16 equal?

-16 minus -16 is 0.

What is negetive 82 over 5 asa a decimal?

It is -16.4 and the word is negative, not negetive.

Why minus times plus equals minus?

If you have negetive 7 and you multiply it by 3 you are just adding negetive 7 three times so it remains negetive

The sum of two integers is an integer?

Yes the sum of two integers will always be an integer.

The reciprocal of an integer plus the reciprocal of two times the integer plus two equals 2 over 3 Find the integer?

It is 2.

how can the following definition be written correctly as a biconditional statementAn odd integer is an integer that is not divisible by two.?

An integer is odd if and only if it is not divisible by two.

Why is one one and not two?

Because two is reserved for the name of the next integer after one. Having a second name (two) for the integer "one" when there is another integer called "two" would be silly.

What type of integer do you get when you add two negative integers?

You will get a negative integer.

Is -22 an integer?

Yes.But -22 (minus twenty two) IS an integer

If the product of two numbers is an integer then the two numbers must be integer?

Not at all. Six times one half is three, and one half is not an integer.

Why can't two negative ions or two positive ions bond together?

two negetive ions or positive ions repell each other

Why is the difference of two decimals an integer?

Generally it is NOT an integer 12.45 - 7.33 = 5.12 5.12 is a decimal NOT an integer.

Is the sum of integers always an integer?

Yes, by definition, the sum of two integers is always an integer. Likewise, the product and difference of two integers is always an integer.

What is the template mechanism of DNA replication?

Works like a negetive and it uses the negetive of DNA to make more DNA