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other subjects in school dumbo

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Q: Is spelling good for learning math and other subjects in school?
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What was the Plato academy named for?

The Plato academy was named after the philosopher Plato, who founded it in Athens around 387 BC. It was a school of higher learning focused on philosophy, mathematics, and other subjects.

Summary of Albert einstein at school?

Albert Einstein was not a traditional student and struggled in school due to his rebellious nature and dislike for rote memorization. He excelled in subjects that interested him, such as mathematics and physics, but had difficulty with other subjects. Einstein's unorthodox approach to learning ultimately led to groundbreaking discoveries in the field of physics.

Is your educational system globally competitive?

yes...our school is a global community, the subjects offered are similar or the same with other countries. we learn what other student from different countries are learning which makes the educational system globally competitive.

Does the subjects in high skul you take determine your carrier?

Your question should have read... Do the subjects you take in high school determine your career - and the answer is no. You choose school subjects in later school years to enhance your chances of getting the career you want - not the other way round.

What techniques would you use to regain a level of curiosity about history or other subjects you learned previously in school?

In school you learn the basic facts in history or any other subject as curriculum specific for a level of learning. The technique to adopt is to learn not the fact but the why of the fact that will create interest & curiosity to know more.

Does learning take place other than schools?

Yes,ofcouse learning is not complete if you are a school boy,but learning practically something about something is only possible outside then school,so learning do not end after school,there is many more left to laearn for you outside the school.

What does Nick Jonas study?

music and other school subjects

What subjects one should take after 10TH class if a person wants to do astronomy?

As with other science or engineering careers, you would probably benefit from learning a lot of math, and science, subjects.

What makes science different from other subjects you study in school such as history or language?

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What subjuct do schools in Scotland study?

Scottish schools study the same subjects as any other school in the United Kingdom. The main two subjects are English and Maths, with a large range of subjects following on.

Why are English and Filipino subjects are considered tool subjects?

English, Filipino, Science and Math are considered tool subjects in a sense it is believed that a learner'sintellect is the ultimate tool that opens more opportunities towards advancement and global competitiveness. While other subjects provide cultural and livelihood skills, these subjects/ learning areas scaffold the learners to a higher level of learning through sharpening the intellectual aspect."Mind over the body" is the phrase that explains it. The ultimate tool of the human body to work is the mind.

Where can someone find information about a School of Open Learning?

Someone can find information about a School of Open Learning by visiting the school's official website. They may also find relevant details by contacting the school's administration or admissions office directly. Additionally, online forums or educational portals might have information or reviews about the School of Open Learning.