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No. 5/8+5/8=10/8=1 1/4
First of all it is not reduced and secondly it is an improper fraction.
We normally call what you have said a common fraction.

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proper fraction

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Q: Is the sum of two proper fractions is always a proper fraction?
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Is the sum of two fractions always a fraction?

No - one half plus one half equals one.

What are three fractions using 10 as a denominator and 1 as its sum?

I have no idea what the "sum" of a fraction means.

How do you find the average fraction of a set of fractions?

First add all the fractions together. Then, divide this sum by the total number of fractions that were in the set. This quotient is your average fraction.

What shows the sum of a whole number and a proper fraction?

It is a mixed fraction.

Which of the following is always irrationalhe sum of two fractions the product of a fraction and a repeating decimal the sum of a terminating decimal and the square root of a perfect square the produ?

None of the items in the list.

How do you estimate the sum of mixed fractions?

Round the mixed fraction to half of whole.

What is the sum of an integer and a fraction?

It is a fraction - which may be mixed or proper.

When the sum of 2 fraction is 1 if one of the fraction is 38 greater than the other what are the 2 fractions?

The two fractions are -181/2 and 191/2.

How did Greeks use fractions?

Greek fractions were very complicated. They did the number system and made a complex sum ending with the fraction.

What is the sum of the whole number and a proper fraction?

it depends on what numbers they are

WhenThe sum of integer and proper fraction?

mix number

What is a improper fractions?

An improper fraction is when the numerator is a greater sum then the denominator. Example- 10/5. To change that into a proper fraction you divide the numerator by the denominator. Example - 2 1/5

how to convert a non-proper fraction into a proper fraction?

Multiply the whole number by the denominator. Add the product to the numerator of the proper fraction. The sum is the numerator of the improper fraction. The denominator will stay the same.

What is true about the numerators of two like fractions with a sum of 1?

That their sum is always equal to the denominator.

What is the sum of a whole number part and the fractions part called?

The sum of a whole number and a fraction is called a mixed number.

Find a fraction between each pair of fractions?

An easy method for finding a fraction between two fractions would be to take the average of two fractions. You find the average by adding the two fractions together and then dividing the final sum by 2.

What is 15 plus 310 fraction?

15 and 310 are both integers, not fractions. Their sum is 325.

What two proper fractions sum up close to 1 without being equal to or more than 1?

this is a simple question. There are, however, a lot of answers. They all depend on your definition of "proper fraction". The simplest answer is 1/2 and 49999999..../100000000..... you need to specify "proper fraction" definitions if you wish to get an answer out of this one.

How do you find the sum of all fractions?

Make sure the denominators of all the fractions are common.Add all numerators.Reduce the final fraction to its simplest form.Convert improper fraction to mixed number if needed.

How can you simplfy the sum of a fraction?

First you add the fractions, then you see if you can simplify the result. You simplify it just as you would simplify any other fraction.

How can many different ways can you write fraction that has a numerator of 3 as a sum of fractions?

There are infinitely many ways.

How can you estimate the sum of two game cards when one game card is decimal and one is a fraction?

It depends on your level of numerical skill. You can convert the decimal to an approximate fraction and estimate the sum of the two fractions, or you can convert the fraction to an approximate decimal and estimate the sum of the two decimals or, if you are more able you just estimate their sum directly.

How do you subtract dissimilar fraction?

Before fractions can be subtracted or added, they must have the same denominators. Therefore, each of the denominator and numerator of a pair of dissimilar fractions should be multiplied by a number chosen so that the resulting fractions will have the same denominators. This is most readily accomplished by multiplying each fraction by the denominator of the other. Once the fractions have a common denominator, their numerators can be subtracted or added to obtain the proper value of the numerator of the sum or difference, which will have the common denominator thus determined. It may, of course, be possible to simplify the resulting fraction.

How many different ways can you write a fraction that has a numerator of 2 as a sum of fractions?

Infinitely many ways, since if you have found one way then take one of the fractions and replace it by an equivalent fraction. Repeat for ever.

How do you calculate the sum of fractions?

If the fractions do not all have the same denominator, find a common multiple of the denominators (ideally the lowest common multiple) and convert the fractions to equivalent fractions with this denominator. Now with all the fractions with the same denominator, add together the numerators. Finally, reduce the fraction to simplest terms, converting any improper fraction to a mixed number.