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An even number is one that when divided by 2 gives an integer. Now this questions becomes which is smaller, 0 or negative numbers. The number -2 is even since 2 divides it integrally. Is -2 less that 0? Many people say a number A is smaller than a number B is A is to the left of B on the number line. Certainly, that would make -2<0 and zero would not be the smallest even number. When we evaluate absolute value of 0, then we say that 0 is the smallest even number in the absolute value. Really, we don't know what is the smallest number but we say that - ∞ is a value smaller than any fixed bound, so we can't say exactly which is the smallest even number.

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Q: Is zero the smallest even number yes or no?
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Is two smallest even number?

That really depends what numbers you are considering.If you consider the set of natural numbers, starting with zero, then no: the smallest even number is zero.If you exclude zero, and start counting at 1, then yes, two is the smallest even number.If you consider the set of integers (i.e., both positive and negative whole numbers), then there is no smallest even number.

Is number zero even number?


Is zero considered an even number?


Is zero the smallest whole number?

Yes, zero is the smallest whole number. One is the smallest counting or natural number.Another opinion0 (called "zero" or "nil") means "nothing exists" so 0 cannot itself be a real number.So the smallest whole number is 1. (Also known as "one" or "unity".)

Is 150 an even number?

yes, anything that ends with zero is even.

Is the number zero even?

Yes, because you get a whole number when you divide it by 2.

Is there always an even number before every odd number in the set of whole numbers?

Yes, if you consider zero to be even.

If a number it divisible by 20 then is it even?

Yes, if the number is divisible by 20 then it has to be even. Typically if a number is divisible by any number ending in zero (10, 20, 30, etc), the number itself ends in zero as well, which makes it even.

Is the number 790 even?

Yes, because it is divisible by 2! yes it is because it ends in zero.

Is zero smallestevennumber?

Yes 0 is the smallest positve even integer because it is between two odd integers which are -1 and +1

Is one an odd number?

yes, because two and zero are even numbers. it goes like a pattern starting at zero to the top.

Do you need a number zero?

Yes because, without zero there couldn't be any number with a zero in it.

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