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-282 plus 1017... use your calc?

735 the answer is wrong.correct is - 1,299

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Q: Solve the problem negative 282 subtract plus 1017 equals?
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How do you solve the problem -2 plus 5 equals?

To solve -2 plus 5 equals, it's probably easier to start with the positive number and add the negative number to it. The equation will look like this: 5 + (-2) = Because you are adding a negative number, you actually have to subtract the 2, rather than add it, so your answer will be 3.

How do you solve for x in the problem x - 4 equals 3x?

Subtract x so -4 = 2x/ x= -2

Solve r plus 11 equals 3?

You subtract 11 from both sides and r equals negative 7. See... r+11=3 -11 -11 r=7

Solve 4r plus 6 equals 14?

9y subtract 11 equals 7

What is 8-6 squared - 28?

First you must square the 6 which the answer is 36. Then you subtract 36 from 8 and the answer is negative 28. Finally you solve negative 28 minus 28 (-28-28) which equals negative 56 (-56).

How do you solve in words -9 - -2?

Subtract negative two from negative nine. = Add two to negative nine. = Negative seven.

How do you solve negative177 equals negative 69 plus 12x?

The value of x is negative 9 (-9). First, subtract the -69 from the -177. This yields the answer -108. Now, divide the -108 by 12, which gives you the answer -9

How do you solve x plus 8 equals 2?

x=-6 <><><> How to solve: what you do is start with the known answer, which is 2. And because the problem is one of addition, you do the opposite, subtraction. So, you subtract 8 from 2 (since you are taking the bigger from the smaller, you will go into negative numbers). So 2-8=x. The above answer is the correct answer.

What does x equal in the equation x plus 5 equals negative 13?

Set up the equation and solve: x + 5 = -13 (next subtract 5 from each side of the equation to solve for x) x = -18

How do you solve 7x plus 2y equals -3?

Subtract by 7x and divide by 2.

How do you solve the problem 1.530 subtract 3.36?


How do solve h plus 7.8 equals -23.4?