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49/16 = (7^2)/(4^2) = (7/4)^2 = ((4/7)^-1)^2 = (4/7)^-2

Thus as (4/7)^2 = 49/16 and 49/16 = (4/7)^-2

(4/7)^x = (4/7)^-2

Therefore x = -2.

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You have :

( 4 / 7 )^x = 49/16 = ( 7 / 4 )^2 = ( 4 / 7 )^-2

Inspection yields:

x = - 2 <------------

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Q: Solve this without using log and please show steps. Left parenthesis 4 over 7 right parenthesis superscript x equals 49 over 16?
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