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2.52*10^5 miles. Though miles is not a scientific unit of measurement.

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It is 2.26*10^5 miles

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Q: The orbit of the moon is elliptical Its distance from Earth ranges from about 226 000 miles to 252 000 miles Write the greater distance in scientific notation?
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When do you use scientific exponent in scientific notation?

When the value that you are representing in scientific notation is less than 1, or greater than or equal to 10.

When a number is written in scientific notation how can you tell whether or not it is equal to or greater then 1?

If the exponent is not negative, then a number written in scientific notation is greater than or equal to 1.

How do you express a number greater than 1 in the scientific notation?


How do you express a number greater than one in scientific notation?

I havent got a clue.

Whats Using scientific notation to report a measurement is a way of indicating greater?


What is the scientific notation of 103?

Scientific notation means the number is represented as being greater or equal to one but less than 10. So for 103: 103 = 10.3 x 10 [still greater than 1 but not less than 10] = 1.03 x 102 [greater than or equal to one? Check. Less than 10? Check] So, 103 in scientific notation is: 1.03 x 102

What should you can apply in scientific notation?

You can apply scientific notation to any number. However, it usually makes sense to do so if the number is greater than at least one million or smaller than a millionth.

How much greater is 3 billion than 3 million in scientific notation?

It is 9.99*103 times greater. (It is 103 times as great.)

Is the number written in scientific notation 0.15 x 104?

No, the number is not written in scientific notation. In scientific notation, the coefficient should be greater than or equal to 1 and less than 10. Therefore, 0.15 x 10^4 would be written as 1.5 x 10^3 in scientific notation.

How can you write 60000000 as the product of a number greater than or equal to 1 that is multiplied by a power of 10?

It could be 6.0*10^7 as in scientific notation

Planetary orbits that are more elliptical have a greater?

variation in distance between the planet and the sun over the course of its orbit, compared to more circular orbits. This can lead to more extreme temperature fluctuations on the planet's surface and potentially affect its climate.

Is the number 45.6 x 103 written in scientific notation Explain?

No. For it to be written in true scientific notation, the matissa must be greater than of equal to 1 (it is) and less than 10 (it isn't). The correct form would be 4.56*104