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23 and 29

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Q: The sum of two consecutive prime number is 52 their difference is 6 what is the prime numbers?
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What consecutive prime integers have a difference of 20?

The first two consecutive prime numbers that have a difference of 20 are the numbers 887 and 907.

What is the definition of a consecutive prime number?

Prime number next to any prime number is called consecutive prime number. Eg:- 2,3,5,7 are prime numbers

Why can there never be a pair of consecutive prime numbers that are both prime?

If you mean consecutive numbers that are prime? than the answer is 2,3 are consecutive numbers which are prime. except for this pair it is impossible for consecutive numbers to be prime because every second number is multiple of 2

Did number two and three are prime numbers they are also consecutive numbers. Are there other parents of prime that are consecutive numberswhy or why not?

No other prime numbers are consecutive because there aren't any other even prime numbers.

2 and 3 can consecutive whole number prime number?

Yes, 2 and 3 are consecutive prime numbers.

How many consecutive prime number are there in 100?

2 and 3 are the only consecutive prime numbers.

Can two consecutive numbers be prime?

Yes.Additional Information:If you have two consecutive numbers, one of them will be an odd number and the other will be an even number. Since even numbers are divisible by 2, the only even prime number is 2. If two consecutive numbers are prime, the even number must be 2. So, because 1 is not a prime number, the only time that two consecutive numbers can be prime is in the case of 2 and 3.

What is the only prime number that is the sum of four consecutive prime numbers?

17 is the only prime number that is the sum of four consecutive prime numbers. 2 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 17

What are all the pairs of prime numbers that are consecutive numbers?

The numbers 2 and 3 are consecutive prime numbers. Are there other pairs of prime numbers which are consecutive numbers?

What are consecutive prime numbers?

2 and 3 are consecutive prime numbers.

What is consecutive composite numbers?

Basically, composite numbers are the non-prime numbers. Take a table of prime numbers, and look for any two prime numbers, one after the other, that have a difference greater than 2. Any numbers in between are consecutive composite numbers. For example, the next prime number after 13 is 17; that makes 14, 15, and 16 three consecutive non-primes, i.e., composite numbers.

What are the consecutive prime numbers whose difference is 16?

4111 and 4127

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