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carbon steel pipe used for oil and gas transmissions

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Q: What is API 5L stands for?
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What is diifference between API 5L Gr B and API 5L X42?

what are tge differences between API 5L Gr B AND X42 PIPES

API 5L Vs API X70?

API X70 is one of line pipe grade family define by API 5L specification

What is the modulus of elasticity for pipe API 5L X70?

I am waiting for the answer

What is API 5L GR.B?

its a steel material used in pipes

What is equivalent grade of S355 steel grade?

API 5l X52

Can you use the cyanide Soudium in Pipe line Spec API 5L X42?


What is the function of the bureau of product standard?

what is pipe shall be as per API 5L PSL2 BNS

What is API stands for?

Application programming interface

What is the modulus of elasticity for pipe API 5L X65?

Modulus of elasticity will be 2.06*10^5 N/mm2

How do you weld fitting a234 with pipe api 5l x60 w th11.9 mm?

The step-by-step instructions on how to do a weld fitting on a A234 with a pipe of API 5L x60 w TH11.9 mm is not listed. It might be best to purchase a weld fitting manual for a A234 for further information.

What are Oil weight requirements for 1995 5L GMC?

10W-30 API SL or SM any name brand

Carbon equivalent of API 5L GrB material?

Astm a53 grade b and a106 grade b is equivalent

When you specified welded fitting by WPHY?

can you weld two fittings have the specified the first is API 5L X60 and A234 WPHY60

What is an API?

In education it is an abbreviation for Academic Performance Index. in standard world it stands for API - American Petroleum Institute

What does API stand for and what does it rate?

The acronym API stands for American Petroleum Institute. API rates, or classifies, passenger car and commercial automotive motor oils.

Which pipe is better for natural gas installation in residential homes - copper or plastic pipes?


How many L in 50dL?

An L has 10 dL so 50dL is equal to 5L. L stands for liters and dL stands for deciliters.

What is the difference between api 5L and a106 pipes?

ASTM A106 is a material specification of carbon steel pipes for high temperature service and of seamless manufacture. A106 yield strength is in the range of 25-30 KSI. On the other hand API 5L defines grades that are comparable to A106 (Gr A & B) while 5L encompasses much more higher strength grades mainly used outside plant piping for transmission pipelines of liquid and gas hydrocarbons. Moreover, 5L covers methods of manufacture and conditions of delivery in a wider perspective. Rework and toughness are more elaborated on.

What is meant by tensile strength in of api grade x-70 steel?

Tensile Strength is 570 MPa (i.e. 82.7 ksi) - (Ref. API 5L - Specification for line pipe - Forty Forth Edition Section 9.3.2- Table 6)

What is more a 5L or 5mL?


Is a bucket 500ml or 5l?

it is 5l's

What is Full for of APIs in java?

API stands for Application programming interface. API's are pre-written Java code that can be used by other programmers to create their applications.

What is 5L in milliliter?

5L = 5000 ml

5L how many mL?

5L = 5000mL

What is the difference between api 5L and a106 piping?

API 5L is a norme, A106 is a grade of steel API 5L is a more comprehensive specification mainly developed for line pipes used in oil and gas industry; the range of strength grades is much wider. While the lower strength grades grades A & B are comparable to A106, the other grades have much higher strengths (e.g. X42, X56, X60,...etc). Also, the quality grades are more stringent when PSL2 is applied where as rolled grades are not acceptable and rework is not allowed. Moreover, particular attention is given to toughness and toughness tests for sour services and higher pressure/ temperature classes.