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If the right angle is at A then SA = 5 mm.

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If angle A is the right angle, you use Pythagorean theorem to find SA: 13 squared = 12 squared + SA squared; solve SA = 5mm

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5 mm

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Q: What Angle A of triangle SAM is a right angle. If SM 13 mm and MA 12 mm determine the length of segment SA.?
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How do you find the side of a triangle?

To find the degree of angle of a side of a triangle, a protractor is needed to measure the angle. Place the '0' on the protractor on the point of the angle and look at the top part to determine degree of angle. To measure the length of a triangle side, a simple ruler can be used to measure the length.

How do you find the angle of a triangle within a circle segment?

You can find the angle of a triangle within a circle segment using the circle theorems.

If a line splits a side of a triangle so that one segment is double than the other segment would the angle measurements have a relationship?

This would depend on if you use the segment's endpoints on the triangle with the vertex of the triangle to get the angle.

What is A segment that connects a vertex of a triangle to the opposite side of the triangle at a right angle?

The hypotenuse of a right angle triangle is opposite to its right angle of 90 degrees.

How do you find side of scalene triangle given a length and an angle?

You don't. It takes more than one side and one angle to determine a triangle. If you have two sides and the angle between them, or one side and two angles, you can do it.

How can you determine that it is an acute triangle?

there will be a right angle in the triangle.

How can you determine which angle is the largest in a triangle?

The largest angle in a triangle is opposite to its longest side

How do you determine that the triangle is a right triangle?

If a triangle has a right angle, it is a right triangle.

Prolem and solution of right triangle?

Pythagorean Theorum. A2+B2=C2 That is the topic of study in trigonometry. Trig gets into the trig functions (sine, cosine, tangent...) and since the subject is quite involved, it can't be adequately explained in this type of setting. However... Imagine a right angle triangle, any right angle triangle (that means a triangle in which one side has 90 degrees but you don't necessarily know any other angle of the triangle. If you want to know a specific angle of the triangle (other than the right angle), you COULD measure two lengths of the triangle and calculate the angle using trig functions. The hypotenuse is the segment of the triangle that is opposite the right angle. To calculate the angle in question, measure the OPPOSITE segment (that means the segment that is furthest from the angle), then measure the hypotenuse (explained above). At that point you divide the length of the opposite segment by the length of the hypotenuse and look up the results in your handy sine table (or use your calculator if it has trig functions) and it will give you the angle. Phew! That was a long explanation, and to go into trig functions any further would require a classroom, but basically that's how you would solve a right triangle question.

How do you determine if a triangle is a right angle?

If one of the angles in a triangle is exactly 90 degrees, then it is a right-angle triangle.

What is the cosine function about?

The cosine function is mathematical equation to determine the adjacent angle of a triangle. The cosine of an angle is the ratio of the length of the hypotenuse: so called because it is the sine of the co-angle.

Is it true the sine ratio relates the length of the leg the angle that is in question to the length of the hypotenuse?

Yes... opposite an angle of a right triangle to the length of the triangle's hypotenuse.