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What makes a fungi?

The fungi are a separate kingdom of living things, different from animals and plants. Fungi have cells with nuclei. Their cell walls contain chitin, unlike the cell walls of plants, which contain cellulose. ... Their basic mode of life is saprophytic: a fungus breaks down dead organic matter around it, and uses it as food. The cell walls of fungi is made up of chitin . Chitin is an example of carbohydrates and is the modified form of cellulose . It is made from the derivatives of glucosamine (glucose unit to which nitrogen group is attached). Most fungi are saprophytes, feeding on dead or decaying material. This helps to remove leaf litter and other debris that would otherwise accumulate on the ground. Nutrients absorbed by the fungus then become available for other organisms which may eat fungi. The fungi (singular, fungus) once were considered to be plants because they grow out of the soil and have rigid cell walls. Now they are placed independently in their own kingdom of equal rank with the animals and plants and, in fact, are more closely related to animals than to plants. I hope I helped! 😅

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Microscopic living organisms that look like spores. Shaped with a stalk and a head looking thing usually, although there may be recent discoveries of oddly shaped fungi and stuff. They are living organisms so they grow, reproduce, excrete, ...etc., and have their own classification apart from all other animals in the animal kingdom (including plants and animals).

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Structure: Fungi can be made up of a single cell as in the case of yeasts, or multiple cells, as in the case of mushrooms. The bodies of multicellular fungi are made of cells that band together in rows that resemble the branches of trees. Each individual branched structure is called a hypha (plural: hyphae).

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Q: What are fungi made up of?
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What are fungi bodies made up of?

the body of fungi is made up of mycelium. it is a tubular fillament known as hypae. cell wall is made up of chitin.

What are fungi's cell walls made up of?

They are made up of mostly Chitin.

Fungi cell walls are made up of what?

They are made up of mostly Chitin.

What makes up the fungi kingdom?

The fungi kingdom is mostly made up of mushrooms and things like a mushroom.

Is vaccine can be made up of fungi and bacteria?


What are most fungi made up of?

cell walls

Does fungi have a cell walls?

Yes, fungi have cell walls of made up of chitin and glucanase.

Does fungi have any cell wall?

Yes,fungi have a cell wall.It is made up of chitin.

Difference between algae and fungi?

cell wall of algae is made up of cellulose while cell wall of fungi is made up of chitin. algae contains chloroplast while fungi do not contain chloroplast algae is green in color and fungi is colorless. algae is aututrophic and fungi is heterotrophic

What are threadlike structures which make up the bodies of most fungi?

Most fungi are made up of threadlike structures called hyphae.

What are the threadlike structures that make up the bodies of most fungi?

Most fungi are made up of threadlike structures called hyphae.

Which kingdoms are made up of eukaryotes?

Animals and Plants, Fungi

What microbe is usually made up of branched threads?


Do the fungi kingdom have cell walls?

Yes, they do. The cell wall of fungi is made of chitin.

How is the cell wall in fungi different to the cell wall of plant and bacteria?

cell wall in fungi is made up of chitin while in plants and bacteria it is made up of cellulose

What are viruses not made up of?

Viruses are not bacteria or fungi. These are completely different.

The cell wall of a bacteria are made up of what?

A cell wall in bacteria are made up of glycoprotein. A cell wall in fungi are made up of chitin.

How are the cell walls of fungi similar to the exoskeletons of insects?

Cell walls of fungi are similar to exoskeletons of insects because they are both made up of chitin. Chitin is made up of complex carbohydrates.

What kingdom is lichen in?

The Fungi Lichen typically belongs in the kingdom Fungi. However, it can be made up of organisms from a total of three kingdoms.

Which of the following groups are made up almost exclusively of decomposers?

Fungi and Bacteria

Which heterotroph has a cell wall?

Fungi has a cell wall, which is made up of chitin.

What is an organism made up algae and fungi living together called?


Which kingdom is made up of organisms that are heterotrophs and have chitin in their cell walls?


What does a plant have that fungi doesnt?

Plants cells contain chloroplasts, allowing them to make their own food through photosynthesis. Fungi do not have chloroplasts. The cell walls of plants are made up of cellulose while the cell walls of fungi are made up of chitin. Those are only a few of the many differences between plants and fungi.

What other type of cell besides the plant cell has a cell wall?

Bacterias and fungi also has cell walls, but are made up of different materials. * A plant cell wall is made up of cellulose. * A bacteria cell wall is made up of glycoprotein. * fungi has a cell wall made up of chitin.