What does 2 and 4 5ths mean?

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2 and 4/5 is a mixed number which is 2.8 as a decimal

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It means two wholes and four lots of one-fifths.

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Q: What does 2 and 4 5ths mean?
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3 and 4 5ths minus 1 and 2 5ths?

2 and 2 5ths... its really not that hard...

What is 4 and 2 5ths plus 2 and 3 5ths?

4 and 2 5ths = 22/5 2 and 3 5ths = 13/5 22/5 + 13/5 = 35/5 = 7/1 = 7

What is 13and 1 5ths 2 and 4 5ths?

13 and 1/5 plus 2 and 4/5 = 16

What is 10 times 4 and 2 fifths?

When we find the answer to 10 x 4 2/5ths, we start with the understanding that when we see a mixed number we know that it is composed of a whole number and a fraction. We can see that 4 2/5ths is a mixed number, and a mixed number is understood to be the whole number part plus the fraction part. Our 4 2/5ths is 4 + 2/5ths. Now let's multiply by 10.We can multiply 10 x 4 2/5ths by doing two multiplication steps to start. As 4 2/5ths is 4 + 2/5ths as we mentioned, when we multiply by 10 we have to multiply both the 4 and the 2/5ths by the 10. The we'll add the two products to find our answer. We'll have this:10 x (4 + 2/5ths) = (10 x 4) + (10 x 2/5ths) = (40) + (20/5ths) = 40 + 4 = 44You'll note that we used the distributive law of multiplication here. The 10 was distributed to the 4 and to the 2/5ths in the multiplication process. We've done our math and found the correct answer. It is possible to do this another way, and that would be to convert the whole number into a fraction with the same denominator as the fraction part of the mixed number. See if you can figure out how to do that.

What is 2 3rds plus 4 5ths?

2 3rds plus 4 5ths equals 6 8ths . HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !

What is half of 4 and 2 5ths?


What does 4 5ths as a persent?

If you mean 4/5 as a percentage then it is 80%

Is 0.8 equal to 4 5ths?

4 5ths

What is the decimal for fraction 2 5ths?

2/5 = .4

What fraction is less than four fifths?

There are an infinite number of fractions less than 4/5ths, such as 3/5ths, 2/5ths, and 1/5th.

What is 14.4 as a fraction in simplest form?

14.4 = 14 and 4/10ths = 14 and 2/5ths = 72/5ths

What is 2 and 4 5ths as an improper fraction?


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