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55 x 20 = 1100

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It can be estimated by 50*24 = 1200.

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Q: What does 53x22 estimate to?
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What is the mathematic term for estimate?

Mathematicians use the word estimate.

What is a verb for estimate?

Estimate is a verb.

What is 9.942 estimate it?

Estimate that to be 10.

What is the estimate of 895?

900 would be a fair estimate

Population of Italy 2009?

2009 estimate: 60,067,554 (Wikipedia)2009 estimate: 60,067,554 (Wikipedia)2009 estimate: 60,067,554 (Wikipedia)2009 estimate: 60,067,554 (Wikipedia)2009 estimate: 60,067,554 (Wikipedia)2009 estimate: 60,067,554 (Wikipedia)

What is a safe estimate?

It is an estimate that is quite safe

What is the estimate of 15772?

The estimate for 15,772 is 10,000

What is the estimate of a gse angle?

gse estimate

How do you estimate 0.501?

You could estimate is as 0.5

What are synonyms of estimate?

A synonym of estimate is a guess.

How can you estimate the length of a side of a square?

You estimate it!

What is the noun of estimate?

The word 'estimate' is both a noun (estimate, estimates) and a verb (estimate, estimates, estimating, estimated).Example uses:Noun: The estimate for repairing the fender was too high.Verb: I called some contractors to estimate the cost of a new garage.

What is the definition of a magnitude estimate?

Apparently a magnitude estimate is just a estimate just closer to the actual answer.

What is the upper bound estimate?

An upper bound estimate is a estimate that is greater than the actual solution.

What does 478 estimate to?

It could estimate to 480 or even 500, depending on what way you want to estimate it to.

What is 76 times 2 by estimate?

160 by estimate

What is a rough estimate about number of tugboats?

I estimate six.

What is a estimate?

An estimate is an educated guess.

What is used to estimate the population parameter?

point estimate

How do you abbreviate estimate?

The abbreviation for estimate is 'est'.

What does 590 estimate to?

The front end estimate is 600.

What do you need to estimate?

to round the numerals you are use to estimate

What is the estimate of 714-1.092?

I would estimate it as 712.9

What is the estimate of 11568?

If you have the exact value, why do you need to estimate!

What is the decimal estimate for 0.74?

0.75 is a good estimate.