What is a safe estimate?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is an estimate that is quite safe

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Q: What is a safe estimate?
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What does safe estimate and ordinary estimate mean?

A safe estimate is always rounded up to be "safe" (i.e. Estimating the total miles of a trip with a 22 mile leg and a 34 mile leg would be done using 25 and 35). An ordinary estimate is just rounding to the nearest whole digit to estimate (i.e. Estimating the total miles of a trip with a 22 mile leg and a 34 mile leg would be done using 20 and 35).

What do fossil do?

find and estimate what the fossils from them send it away to a museum to keep it safe

How many boys and girls in France?

There are many. I think a safe estimate would at least be over 10 ;)

How many paint balls will you need to purchase for a whole days paint balling.?

Depends how much you shoot. 1000 is a safe estimate.

How close can a vehicle be parked to a fire hydrant?

There is no universal answer to this - it varies by jurisldiction and local law. A good safe estimate is at least 15 feet either side of it.

How much is a 1984 telecaster worth?

I can't tell you exactly without knowing more about it but for a ballpark estimate, it would be safe to say somewhere between $1,500 and $,3000

Is the Safe Auto insurance quote free of charge?

Safe Auto insurance does provide a free auto insurance quote but note that the quote is only an estimate and not the actuall amount you may pay. Circumstances such as previous accident records and or age may effect how accurate the quote is.

How do you calculate the weight of a safe?

To calculate the weight of a safe, you need to know its dimensions and the material it's made of. You can estimate its weight by multiplying the volume (length x width x height) by the density of the material. Be sure to account for any additional features like locks or contents inside the safe.

Why is the safe cushion of space measured in seconds and not in feet or distance?

Measuring safe cushion of space in seconds factors in both the speed of vehicles and reaction times of drivers, allowing for a standardized and more universal approach to determining safe following distances. This takes into consideration varying driving conditions and speeds, helping to ensure a safe distance between vehicles regardless of the specific situation.

Describe three situations when you have to estimate the weight of something?

When mailing a package, you may need to estimate its weight to determine the correct postage cost. When cooking or baking a recipe, you may need to estimate the weight of ingredients if you do not have a scale on hand. When moving furniture or other heavy items, you may need to estimate their weight to ensure safe lifting and transportation.

How much does laser vision correction cost on average?

There is a wide variation in pricing depending on where you live, the doctor you choose, etc. However, a fairly safe estimate is around $2,000 per eye.

What percentage of the average middle school is gay?

Scientists estimate that about 3% to 8% of the population is gay. As homosexuality occurs fairly regularly in all demographics, it is fairly safe to say that the answer for middle school is the same.