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Q: What does beta 1-4 glcocidic linkage?
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What two monosaccharides join to make cellobiose?

Alpha glucose and beta glucose with a beta 1 4 glycosidic linkage!

What is alpha and beta linkage in the joining of sugars in a carbohydrate?

Alpha and beta linkages refer to the orientation of the glycosidic bond formed between two sugar molecules in a carbohydrate. In an alpha linkage, the -OH group attached to the anomeric carbon of one sugar is positioned below the plane of the ring, whereas in a beta linkage, it is above the plane. These linkages can affect the overall structure and properties of the resulting carbohydrate molecule.

Carbon 14 forms nitrogen 14 by?

Undergoing beta decay, where a neutron in the carbon-14 nucleus is converted to a proton, resulting in the formation of nitrogen-14. This process releases a beta particle (electron) and an antineutrino.

What type of nuclear radiation is emitted when carbon-14 decay?

Yes, carbon 14 is a radioactive isotope.

What is the equations for the beta of nitrogen-14?

nitrogen-14 is stable, it does not decay.

What is carbon-14 decay product?

Nitrogen-14, by way of beta decay.

When C-14 beta decays the daughter nucleus is?

penis :)

Carbon-14 undergoes beta decay to become which other element?

We see that carbon-14 undergoes beta minus decay to become nitrogen-14. Here's the equation: 614C => 714N + e- + ve The carbon-14 nucleus has a neutron within it change into a proton Then we see both a beta minus particle (an electron with high kinetic energy) and an antineutrino ejected from the nucleus.

What are the changes in the radioactive decay of carbon-14?

Carbon-14 undergoes beta decay, becoming nitrogen-14 which is stable.

How do you change carbon-13 into carbon-14?

emit a beta particle

When carbon-14 decays and emits a beta particle what is the atomic mass on the new nucleus?

When carbon-14 undergoes beta decay and emits a beta particle, the atomic number increases by one as a neutron in the nucleus is transformed into a proton. This results in the formation of a new nucleus of nitrogen-14 with the same mass number as the original carbon-14 nucleus.

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