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As long as the whole number is not zero, it becomes a unit fraction with a larger denominator, ie one with a smaller value.

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It becomes a fraction whose denominator can change.

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Q: What happens to a unit fraction when it is divided by a whole number?
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What is the product of a whole number and a unit fraction?

It is the first whole number divided by the denominator of the unit fraction. This could be a whole number or a fraction.

What is simple fraction?

A simple fraction is a fraction that is a whole number divided by a whole number. Complex fractions can have fractions inside of fractions.

What fraction divided by what mixed number equals to a whole number?

It would be an improper fraction.

What are whole numbers factors?

a whole number is a number is a number that isn't divided or isn't a fraction

When you divide a whole number by a fraction with a numerator of 1 explain how you find the quotient?

You simply multiply the whole number by the denominator. A whole number divided by a fraction is the whole number times the inverse of the fraction. For example, 8 divided by 1/4 is 8 times 4 = 32.

A fraction divided by a whole number?

a smaller fraction! eg 3/4 divided by 5 = 3/20

A fraction divided by a fraction?

May be a whole number, a mixed number, or another fraction, depending on what the original two fractions are.

What is a denominator on a fraction?

The DenominatorThe denominator in a fraction, is the bottoms part of a fraction. In other words it indicates what a whole fraction is divided in, e.g (4 is the bottom number in 1/4 so the whole will be divided in quarters)The NumeratorThe Numerator in a fraction, is the top part of a fraction. It tells you how many bits the the whole is divided in, e.g (2 is the top number in 2/5 so the whole is divided in 2 of the 5ths)

What can 87.5 be divided into a whole fraction?

There cannot be a whole fraction. If it is a fraction it is not whole and if it is whole it is not a fraction.

What is a part of a fraction tha represents how many parts a whole is divided into?

If the fraction is simplified then there is no number in the fraction which does so.

Whole number divided by fraction?

no no no that is not what they were asking you would divide a whole number by a fraction by putting the whole number over one making it an improper fraction then divide those as you would regular fractions ........ hope it helped :)

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