What is 80x80?

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The answer 6400

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Q: What is 80x80?
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Where can you find royalty-free transparent png images that are 80x80 pixels?

PNG image 80x80 pixels

How many square feet is 80x80 inches?

57000 sq ft

What does 80x80 equals?

You can just do 8x8 and add 2 zeros at the end of the answer, which is 6400

How many sq ft is in 80x80 circle?

Area of a circle = pi*radius2

How many square feet is 80X80?

Answer = 80 x 80 = 3600 sq feet

What is 80x80 equals?

6400. Using Windows calculator is a ot easier than posting the question on this site.

What can you multiply to get 6400?

1x6400 2x3200 4x1600 5x1280 8x800 10x640 20x320 40x160 50x128 80x80

How long does it take to stop at 50 mph?

50mph is equivalent to 80km/h use the formula s=d÷t (s=speed d=distance t=time) to find distance u must know this formula breaking distance = b=0.7s+80x80/ 254f {80x80 = 80 squared }

What is the best count of yarns for lungi?

The best count of yarns for lungi is 100x100, its hard to find in some countries like malaysia. But 80x80 can be consider just fine

Can 8081 be the sum of two perfect squares?

8081 can be the sum of two perfect squares because its perfect squares are 41 x41+80x80=1681+6400. Answer=1681+6400

How many sq ft in 80 inch x 80 inch room?

(80x80)/144 = 6400/144 = 3200/72 = 1600/36 = 800/18 = 400/9 = 44 and 4/9 square feet

How can you make a point counter for your DarkBasic Pro game?

It depends how you want to do it. For a basic text counter it's very easy. First setup a global variable in the initialization of your code: global pCounter = 0 In the portion of your code where you detect that the player has scored, simply increment the counter by an appropriate value: pCounter = pCounter + 1 Then to display it on the screen (in this example, the upper left hand corner), simply use a text command: text 10,10,STR$(pCounter) The two 10's are specifying the number of pixels in the X and Y direction away from the upper left corner where the text should be put and the STR$(...) around the pCounter variable is used to turn it into a string. To make a graphical score counter for a 3D game, here are some functions you can use: function SetupCounter() for i=100 to 109 : load image STR$(i-100)+".jpg",i : next i X# = 3 // if you're using a widescreen resolution, set to 3.6 for n=60 to 64 make object plain n,.2,.2 position object n,X#,2.2,4 lock object on n texture object n,100 ghost object on n set object light n,0 dec X#,.2 next n global PlayerScore = 0 endfunction function ControlScore() score$ = STR$(PlayerScore) length = len(score$) texture object 60,100+val(mid$(score$,length)) if length>1 then texture object 61,100+val(mid$(score$,length-1)) if length>2 then texture object 62,100+val(mid$(score$,length-2)) if length>3 then texture object 63,100+val(mid$(score$,length-3)) if length>4 then texture object 64,100+val(mid$(score$,length-4)) endfunction Here's how you can use it: 1. Create ten 80x80 JPEG images with the numbers 0-9 surrounded by black called "1.jpg", "2.jpg", etc. and put them in the same directory as your code. 2. Copy and paste the above functions in your code. 3. In the initialization part of your code, call SetupCounter() 4. Whenever the player scores, increment the PlayerScore variable appropriately. 4. Then in the main loop of your code, call ControlScore() This will create a four digit score counter with transparent numbers in the upper right corner of the screen. Make sure you don't have any other objects with ID numbers 61-64 or image numbers from 100-109

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