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A millennium

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A millennium

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Q: What is a 1000 year period called?
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Related questions

What is a period of a thousand year is called?

A millennium is a 1000 years

What was the 1000 year period called after the fall of Rome?

That 1000 years is called the Middle Ages, medieval period, or even Age of Faith.

What is a period of 1000 years called?

A millennium

A period of 1000 years is called what?


How many leaps year in 1000 year?

There can be either 242 or 243 leap years in any 1000-year period.

What is a period of one year called?

A period of one year can be called a year, or astronomically speaking, a revolution.

What is the name of the 1000 year period after the fall of Rome?

The Middle Ages.

What word is called a ten year period?

A ten year period is a decade.

A 12-month accounting period is called a?

a 12 month period is called a fiscal year, there is also a natural year.

What is period 100 years?

The period of 100 years is called a century. A period of 10 years is a decade, and 1000 years is a millennium.

What is the time period in western Europe from 1000 to 1300 called?

the age of faith

What is periodisation of history of India?

The periodization of history of India has different elements. The period of 1500 - 1000 BC was called the Vedic period. The period of 322 - 187 BC was called the Mauryan period.

What is a period of one thousand years called?

A period of 1 thousand year is called a millennium.

What is a period of five years called?

a five-year period is a quinquennium

What is a period of 13 years called?

A 13 year period, it has no name

What is the period called from 1000 to 1300 in western Europe?

Actually from 410 AD to 1400 was called the middle ages, dark ages, medieval period.

What is a period of 100 year called?

A century

What is 10-year period called?


What is the symbol for 1000?

K. The Year 2000 was also called Y2K K is the symbol for 1000... The year 2000 was symbolized as Y2K, which stood for Year 2000...

What is a 100-year period of time called?

A century

What is a 25 year period called?

silver jubley

What is the period of a comet with an average distance of 100 AU?

In terms of AU and years, P squared= A cubed P squared= 100 cubed= 100,000 P=1000 The comet is in the 1000 year period

What is a period of 10000 years called?

A period of 1000 years is called a millennium.WRONG!actual:decllenium.Or so i heard... (for 10000)-Zekromrocks1000 years is a millennium.But a decllenium is 10000 or so i heard...Why put for 1000 years if asking for 10000 years?-Zekromrocks(again.)

What do you call a million year time period?

A millenia.AnswerA megayear. Zekromrocks:A millennia is 1000 years isn't it?

What was the ten year period after the civil war called?