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Symbol Name

  • addition sign, plus sign
  • subtraction sign, minus sign

× or • multiplication sign

÷ or / division sign

= equal

≠ not equal

< less than

> greater than

≤ less than or equal to

≥ greater than or equal to

number sign

( ) parentheses

& and (ampersand)

% percent

π pi

|x| absolute value of x

√ square root

! factorial

± plus or minus

ˆ caret - to the power of

Symbol Name

∠ angle

° degree

⊥ perpendicular

∥ parallel

∼ is similar to (tilde)

∪ union

∩ intersection

∅ null or empty set

∈ is a member of

∉ is not a member of

⊂ is a subset of

∃ there exists (existential quantifier)

∀ for all (universal quantifier)

f(x) a function whose variable is x

∴ therefore

Σ sum

… ellipsis (and so on)

∞ infinity

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it equals 3 a's

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Q: What is a plus a plus an equal in algbra?
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