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You have literally millions upon millions of combinations. Choose any combination you like, and check whether it is already used.

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Q: What is a username that has 4 to 20 characters?
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How many characters can a Twitter username be?

There is no minimum number of characters that a Twitter username has to have. You can have a username with only one character, if you would like. There is a maximum number of characters that a username can have, though. A username cannot be longer than 15 characters.

Who has the longest username on WikiAnswers?

In 2009 usernames were limited to 22 characters. However, there was a username made with over 30 characters that is probably the longest username. This username is 'Cantfindanamethatisnotalreadyusedsoiusedthisone'. You can view their profile from the related links.

Does the username in a tweet reply use up some of your characters?

Yeah it uses,that's why twitter has a limit of 15 characters in a username.

What does Username must be at least 4 characters in length mean while you are creatin a group on bebo?

It means exactly as it says. Dumbed-down version: Username must be at least 4 letters in length Bob = 3 letters Mark = 4 letters You do the math.

What is 'username not alphanumeric'?

The username you entered contains characters that are not letters or numbers. If you entered a space or a dash (-) you'll probably get this error.

Username must be at least 4 characters in length?

If your user name must be four characters in length it is for your security. If it was any less there would not be enough combinations to go around so everyone is different.

How many characters fit in a YouTube username?

you could go on youtube and see

Can you change characters in PopTropica without changing username or starting a new account?


Does 140 characters include your Twitter username?

No it doesn't include your username. However, any usernames that you mention in your tweet are included in the 140 character limit.

How do you become a pro in girlsense?

You have to get 20 trophies. Then by your username you have a pro sign by your name. Follow me on babble, my username is taylorg33.

What The Heck Is This on Minecraft PC Edition 1.10.2 it says Failed to connect to the server Username Cotains Invalid characters and my Tag Is AbbyMGaming How do I fix this?

Change your Mc username

What is mileys username 4 mileyworld?