What is a variable m more than 18?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It is 18 + m.

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It will be 18+m and 18
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Q: What is a variable m more than 18?
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What is M more than eighteen written as a variable expression?


What is m in 5m -3 -18?

It is a variable which, in the given expression, can have any value you like.

Solve the variable for m - 4 equals 18?

Add 4 to both sides to cancel out the -4. Then m will equal 22

What is an independent variable in a science fair projects?

An independent variable is the same thing as a test variable, so it is what you are testing. If you want to find out which chocolate is more fattening, you are TESTing to see if Hershey's or M&amp;M's. You are TESTing the chocolate (to see which is more fattening)

What is the algebraic expression for 58 less than a number?

In this case, you'll have to use a variable. Variables are basically a symbol which stands for a number. Let's use the variable "m". You're searching for 58 less than a number. That is basically just "word form" for a number, or a variable, minus 58. So if we use the variable "m", the expression will be m-58. Remember that you can use any variable you want.

Is 18 cm 18 m right?

No, 18 cm is not equal to 18 m. 1 m is equal to 100 cm, so 18 m is equal to 1800 cm.

In an experiment the control variable is m and the response variable is n. which variable is manipulated or changed?

The manipulated variable is the independent variable, which is m in this case. This variable is deliberately changed by the experimenter to observe its effect on the dependent variable, n.

Is free variable unique or can we have more than one free variables in linear algebra please elaborate?

You can have any number of free variables. If you have m variables and n linear equations then, if m &gt; n, you will have at least (m - n) free variables.

ranslate this phrase into an algebraic expression.23 more than twice Mai's savingsUse the variable m to represent Mai's savings. how do i do this?

am in 2end grade ummm dont no bish

What is the independent variable for Skittles vs M and M's?


Mario Is three years younger than David Write and algebra expression to show Mario's age using M as the variable?

Without a variable to represent David's age, the only possible expression is Mario's age = M.

Why is momentum's variable a p and not an M in the equation pmv?

Because. The variable M is already used in an equation for mass.