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Thirty five.

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Q: What is an Arabic number 35 in words?
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What is Hindu-Arabic number and number words?

It is the system of numeracy that we use today.

What culture has the largest number of words for love?

maybe it is arabic

How do you write seven in German?

just the arabic number 7. in words it is "sieben"

Where can you find the definitions of Arabic words in Arabic?

The best place to find definitions of Arabic words in Arabic is in an Arabic dictionary, either in book form or online.

How many times can the number 77 go into the number 35?

0.5454 times. In other words, 35 divided by 77 equals 0.5454.

What is the Arabic number for 574?

The Arabic number for 574 is خمسمائة وأربعة وسبعون.

What are the Arabic words to mean Faith?

Faith in Arabic is : Eman written as : ايمان

What is a derp in Arabic?

The words "derp" and "durka-durka" are commonly used in English-language "impressions" of what Arabic sounds like but are not actually words in Arabic at all. Moreover, there is no letter "p" in Arabic, showing that "derp" could not even conceivably be a word in Arabic.

VI is the roman numeral for what Arabic number?

VI is the Roman numeral for the Arabic number 6.

What is the Hindi-Arabic of 5000?

It's already an Hindu-Arabic number

English words in Arabic?

You need to give us the words...

Why is there Arabic in Spanish?

Spanish was created in Spain, which had a large Arabic-Muslim population. As such, many words in Spanish are borrowed from Arabic.