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force times length is the dimension for Work or Energy or Torque. Some examples are Newton meters (equivalent to Joules), inch pounds, foot pounds. The pounds are pounds force, not pounds mass.

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Q: What is force times length?
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Can a small force ever exert a greater torque than a larger force. Explain?

yes; torque is force times perpendicular distance which is the arm length; if you increase the length you increase the torque so a small force at long length can be greater torque than big force at a smaller length

What are the units used to describe a force?

(mass) times (length) divided by (distance)2 or (mass) times (acceleration)

What are the dimensions of the force f knowing that f is equal to the mass m times the acceleration a?

[ force ] = [ mass ] [ acceleration ] = [ mass ] [ length/time2 ] = [ mass-length-time-2 ]

What is length times length times length?


Is 150 pound-feet of torque much different from 100 pound-feet?

for a given lever length the force is (150 / 100) times greater torque = force (pounds) * lever length (feet)

Is length squared the same as length times height?

No! Length squared will be the length times the length again. Length times height is going to find the area so it will not be the same.

What does the length of a force vector arrow represent?

Magnitude of the force.

What unit do you use to measure buoyant force?

Length x Length

Length of spring 6mm what is the extension spring?

multiply the force with length.

How do you measure the area?

length times width length times width

The length of a radius is the length of a diameter?

The length of a radius is not the length of a diameter. The diameter is two times the length of the radius.

Force is measured in units of what?

[Force] = [ mass x length / time2 ]

Dimensional formula of force?

[ Force ] = [ Mass x Length / Time2 ]

Length times width equal what?

Length times width is a mathematical formula. Length× width=area

What is the relationship between force and length?

Longer length requires more power.

Is volume width times length times height?

Volume = Length time width times height.

What does the length of a force vector represent?


What is length times width equal?

length times width equals the area of a rectangle. length times width equals the area of a rectangle. area

Is area length or width?

its length times width

What is lever arm ratio?

Divide the length of the force arm by the length of the resistance arm.

Does gravitaional force is equal to kinetic energy?

No, force and energy are not the same dimension to start with. Gravitational force on an object is equal to mass*(gravitational acceleration) {dimensions Mass*Length/Time²}Kinetic energy is (1/2)*mass*(velocity)² {dimensions Mass*Length²/Time²}. If you look at these, Force, multiplied by length has the same dimension as Energy. And in fact you have other forms of energy:Work is Force times distance;Potential energy = mass*(gravitational accel)*height = (Force due to gravity)*(height), height is a distance or length.

What does Force times Distance equal?

Force times Distance equals Work

What is force times distance equals?

Force times distance equals work.

When was Air Force Times created?

Air Force Times was created in 1947.

What do you get when you multiply force times distance?

Force times distance calculates work.