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A milligram is smaller than a gram, by a factor of 1000.

The prefix milli- means thousandth, so there are 1000 milligrams in a gram.

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Q: What is smaller milligrams or grams?
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Which is smaller 2 grams or 2 milligrams?

2 milligrams

What is difference between grams and milligrams?

Milligrams are much smaller; there are 1000 milligrams in 1 gram.

What mass is smaller than a gram?

Milligrams and micrograms are smaller than grams.

Is 10000 milligrams bigger or smaller than 13 grams?

smaller as 13g is 13000mg

Are milligrams smaller than grams?

Yes 1000mg=1 gram LCKMA

Is Kilo Grams smaller than grams?

Yes, one million times smaller. 1 kilogram = 1 million milligrams.

Is 698 mg greater than 7 g?

1,000 milligrams is 1 gram (milli means "thousandth" in Latin). 7,000 milligrams is 7 grams. 698 milligrams is 0.698 grams. 0.698 grams is obviously smaller than 7 grams, since again, 7 grams is 7,000 milligrams.

How many milligrams in 3.5 grams?

1 gram = 1,000 milligrams 2 grams = 2,000 milligrams 3 grams = 3,000 milligrams 3.5 grams = 3,500 milligrams

How will you measure a mass of ten pennies in mg or g or kg?

The metric unit for mass is the kilogram. For smaller masses, as in this case, you may also use grams or milligrams.

109 grams equal milligrams?

1000 milligrams = 1 gram 109 grams x 1000 milligrams = 109000 grams 109 grams x 1000 milligrams = 109000 milligrams

How much grams are in grams are in 2000 milligrams?

2,000 milligrams is 2 grams.

How convert 1.5g into milligrams?

Converting grams to milligrams can be easy. The amount in grams, is multiplied by 1000, to convert it to milligrams. 1.5 grams is 1500 milligrams.