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489/3 = 163

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Q: What is the answer for 489 divided by 3 one-digit divisor?
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How many times can 3 go into 489?

489 divided by 3 equals 163.

What is the answer for 489 divided by 3 long division?


What is a divisor and a dividend?

Divisor-A divisor is a number divided by another number.Ex: 6 divided by 3=2Dividend- A dividend is the number that another number is being divided by.Ex: 8 divided by 2=4

What is the divisor in 6 divided by 3?


What are the dividend and divisor?

in 12 divided by 3=4 12 is the dividend and 3 is the divisor and 4 is the quotient

What is the greatest common divisor of 6 15 and 21?

common divisor is 3 and 1 6 divided by 3 = 2 6 divided by 1 = 6 15 divided by 3 = 5 15 divided by 1 = 15 21 divided by 3 = 7 21 divided by 1 = 21

What is the divisor of the division problem 6 divided in to 2 equals 3?

if you meant 6 divided by 2 equals three the divisor would be 6

An exact divisor of an number?

an exact divisor of a number is one that leaves no remainder (a remainder of zero)--example: 27 divided by 3 is 9 but 27 divided bt 4 is 6 remainder 3 so 4 is not an exact divisor of 27 but 3 is

What is a divisor?

Adivisor is the same number as your factor, which is a number that you multiply by.AnswerIgnore above answerThe divisor is the quantity by which another quantity, called the dividend, is to be in 3/4 then 3 is the dividend and 4 the divisorA divisor is a number that can divided by other numbers.

What is the divisor in a division problem?

In any division sum, for example, 12 / 4 = 3, the divisor is the second number - the one that the number is divided by.

What number is the divisor in this division problem 12 divided by 4 equals 3?


What does it mean for a divisor to divide evenly into a dividend?

It means that there is no remainder in the problem. For example 9/3=3. The nine is the dividend, and the first three is the divisor. There was no remainder, so it divided evenly.