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Q: What is the answer to 13c-7 plus c-d?
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What is the main difference between CD-R CD plus R also CD-RW CD plus RW?


When was CD Plus Ultra created?

CD Plus Ultra was created in 1986.

How many 7 card hands are possible with a 13 cards deck?

If the cards are all different then there are 13C7 = 1716 different hands.

Is CD-r or CD plus r better?

Good question, but plus CD doesn't exist. It does with regard to DVD.

Do you need a CD burner to burn a CD?

Yes. Plus a program that burns. Plus files.

What is the differene between CD-r and CD plus r?

There is no such thing as a "CD+R"

What is the different between the CD-R and CD plus R?

There is no such thing as a CD+R.

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Where can one find the location of CD Plus?

Yelp will often have with it's reviews the locations of a specific store. According to Yelp there is a CD Plus located in Halifax, NJ. More stores can be found at CD Plus official website.

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Where to download C plus plus for dummies CD ROM?

Buy the book.

What is CD plus dc In roman numerals?

If you mean CD plus DC then in Roman numerals they add up to M meaning 400 plus 600 = 1000