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If that's a rectangle, the area is 112.5 square units and the perimeter is 43 units.

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I'll assume you mean a rectangle.Area: Multiply length x width.

Perimeter: Add the lengths of the four sides.

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Q: What is the area and perimeter of a shape which is 12.5 x 9?
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What is shape with a area of 9 and perimeter of 20?

1 x 9 rectangle

Is it possible to make a shape with an area of 9 and a perimeter of 14?


What is a shape with a perimeter of 12 and area 9?

A square....... It has 4 sides so 3 times 4 is 12 - Perimeter..... If each side is 3, 3 times 3 is 9 which is the area.

What is the perimeter if the area is 9 sq cm?

Depends on the shape. A square's perimeter would be 4 root 9 ie 12 cm, but you could have a 9 x 1 rectangle which would have a perimeter of 20 cm etc etc

Can you give me a example of surface area?

Surface area is the perimeter (amount of space around a shape) around a shape. For example: I have a rectangle So: 3+3=6 9+9=18 18+18=36cm2

If the area is 9 sq cm what is the perimeter?

It's undefined, because we dont know the shape of the figure. If it's a square, the perimeter is 12.. if its a rectangle the perimeter MIGHT be 20... We cant determine if we dont know the figure.

How do you figure outside dimension of 9 square acre?

As an acre is a measure of area (a 2-dimensional object), a square acre is a 4-dimensional object; visualising 4-dimensional objects is not easy in our 3-dimensional space. -------------------------------- Assuming you meant a square area which is 9 acres in size, then: 1 acre = 4840 sq yds → 9 acres = 9 × 4840 sq yds = 43560 sq yds → a square with an area of 9 acres has a side length of √43560 yards ≈ 208.71 yards (perimeter of approx 834.84 yards) An area of 9 acres can have any shape you want. The smallest perimeter is when the 9 acres is circular in shape, in which case the perimeter is the circumference of the circle with area of 9 acres and is approx 739.86 yards long. Any other shape will have a perimeter that is longer than this. Other examples are a rectangle 9 yards wide and 4840 yards long (perimeter 9699 yards); a rectangle 198 yards wide (9 chains) by 220 yards long (1 furlong) (perimeter 836 yards).

How do you make a shape with a perimeter of 9cm?

you cant do that becaues to get a perrimetr you need to add all the sides. when you do that it wll either be less then 9 or more then 9 in conclusion you cant get a shape that has a perimeter of

What is the perimeter of a square with an area of 9 square feet?

The perimeter of a square with an area of 9 square feet is: 12 feet.

What is the perimeter of a square if it had an area of 9 centimeteres?

The perimeter will be 12 cm

Do the two rectangles with the same perimeter always have the same area?

No. Take a square with each side 9 feet long. The perimeter is 9+9+9+9 = 36 ft and the area is 9 x 9 = 81 square feet. Now squash the square down a bit so that it is a 7 x 11 rectangle. The perimeter is still 36 ft, but the area is now smaller at 77 square feet. Squash it right down to just 1 ft tall by 17 ft wide and the perimeter is still 36 ft, but the area is now just 17 square feet. So for any given perimeter, the closer the shape of a rectangle is to a square, the larger will be the area.

How do you draw a perimeter that comes to 9?

Perimeter is the length of all sides of a shape. So to draw a perimeter that comes to 9 just make sure that when you add up the length of all the sides of whatever shape you make that it adds up to 9 units.