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A=lxw 2cm x 6cm=12cm

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Q: What is the area of a 2cm x 6 cm rectangle?
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Show you 2 rectanglesthat have the same area and different perimeter?

A rectangle with sides of 1cm and 6cm has an area of 6 cm2 and a perimeter of 14 cm. A rectangle with sides of 2cm and 3cm has the same area but its perimeter is 10 cm.

What is the volume of a rectangle prism that is 6 cm by 3 cm by 2cm?

Volume = 6*3*2 = 36 cubic cm

What is the area of a rectangle that is 6 cm long and 4 cm wide?

The area of rectangle is : 24.0

What is the base of a rectangle has an area of 24 cm and a height of 6 cm.?

Base of rectangle: 24/6 = 4 cm

What is the area of 6cm2?

6 square cm. Could be a rectangle of sides 2cm by 3 cm, or 1 cm by 6 cm etc or a triangle of height 6, base 2, etc etc etc. or a circle, ellipse or even something of irregular shape.

What is the area of a rectangle that is 6 cm by 3 cm?

area of any rectangle is length x breadth. For a 6x3 rectangle, it's 18.

What shape of an area of 6cm2?

Any shape you want as long as the area within its boundary is 6cm2.examples:a triangle of base 6 cm and height 2 cm;a rectangle 2cm by 3 cm;an L shaped hexagon with sides 5cm, 2cm, 1cm, 1cm, 4cm, 1cm;circle of radius approx 1.382 cm;

What would be the area of a rectangle 6 cm by 2 cm?


What is the area of a rectangle that is 11 cm wide and 6 cm long Remember A L and times W.?

Area of rectangle: 11 times 6 = 66 square cm

What is the area of 3cm times 2cm?

3 cm * 2 cm = 3*2 sq cm = 6 sq cm.

Why is the area of a rectangle squared?

Because the equation of the area of a rectangle is Area=length*width When you multiply length by width, you are not only multiplying the numerical values, you are also multiplying the labels. A label multiplied by itself becomes squared, just like numbers multiplied by themselves. For example, the length of the rectangle could be 3 centimeters (cm) and the width could be 2 cm. To find the area, plug these into the equation: Area=3cm*2cm Area=(3*2)(cm*cm) Area=6 cm squared

Is there a rectangle with a perimeter of 26cm and area of 42 cm?

Try a rectangle with dimensions of 6 cm and 7 cm, and see what you get.

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