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After the IUPAC tables from 2009 the Atomic Mass of ununpentium is [289].

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Q: What is the atomic mass of ununpentium?
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What is the atomic number of ununpentium?

Ununpentium, with the chemical symbol Uup, has the atomic number 115.

What element is the heaviest element found announced in February 2004?

The heaviest element announced in February 2004 was ununpentium with the atomic number 115.

What is the average neutrons in ununpentium?

For each isotope the number of neutrons is different. Number of neutrons = Mass number of an isotope – atomic number

What is ununpentium?

Ununpentium is the temporary name of a synthetic superheavy element in the periodic table that has the temporary symbol Uup and has the atomic number 115.

What is the atomic number of unnilpentium?

Ununpentium has 115 protons in the nucleus.

What is the use of ununpentium?

Ununpentium is a synthetic element with atomic number 115. Its primary use is in scientific research to study and understand the properties of superheavy elements. It does not have any practical applications outside of scientific research at this time.

What are the properties of ununpentium?

Ununpentium is a synthetic element with the atomic number 115 and symbol Uup. It is highly radioactive and has a very short half-life, making it difficult to study its properties in detail. Ununpentium is predicted to be a heavy metal with similar properties to other elements in Group 15 of the periodic table.

Is 115 A Number To Be Afraid Of?

It is the atomic number for the element, Ununpentium. In zombies the purple substance that is seen in the teleporters is thought to be it.

What is bigger the atomic mass or atomic number?

Atomic no.=no. of protons Atomic mass=no. of protons+no. of neutrons Hence, atomic mass is greater

What is the atomic mass-?

The atomic mass is the mass of a molecule, atomic particle or sub-atomic particle.

Is there ununpentium on the moon?

Impossible, ununpentium is an artificial element.

What is the name of the heaviest metal?

By density, osmium is the heaviest (22.61 kgL-1). By atomic weight, ununpentium is the heaviest (228gmol-1)