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The denominator is 7.

Remember that numerators is the number that is on top of the fraction and denominator is the number on the bottom of the fraction.

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Q: What is the denominator in the fraction 4-7?
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What is 5 and 2 ninths as an improper fraction?

To convert a mixed number to an improper fraction multiply the whole number by the denominator of the fraction and add the numerator of the fraction to give the numerator; the denominator is the same as the denominator of the fraction: 5 2/9 = (5×9+2)/9 = 47/9

What is 47 over 50 in simplest form?

Since the numerator and denominator of the fraction share no common positive integer factors, the proper fraction 47/50 is already expressed in simplest form.

How do you write 0.47 in numeratordenominator form?

It is: 0.47 = 47/100 as a fraction whereas the numerator is over the denominator

Can the denominator be a fraction?

YES a fraction can be a denominator.

What percentage correct is 47 out 65?

Percentage is a fraction with a denominator of 100, divide 47 / 65 = 0.723 / 1 then multiply top and bottom * 100 = 72.3 / 100 = 72.3 %

What is the fraction .47?

As a fraction .47 is 47/100

How do you change 47 percent into a fraction?

47 percent into a fraction = 47/100 in fraction

What the denominator should be when subtracting a fraction from a whole number?

The denominator should be the same as the denominator of the fraction.

What is the fraction of 47 percent?

Fraction of 47%= 47/100

In A Fraction This Is The Number Under The Fraction Bar?

the denominator

What does a denominator tell you about a fraction?

The denominator tells you the total of the pieces in the fraction.

How do you do a fraction times a fraction?

you multiply the numerator by the numerator and the denominator by the denominator.