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The horizontal asymptote is 0.

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Q: What is the horizontal asymptote of 5 divided by the quantity of x minus 6?
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What is the horizontal asymptote of f x equals x squared minus 9 divided by x squared minus 4?

y = 1. When the degree of your numerator is the same with the degree of your denominator, then y = the ratio of the leading coefficients of the numerator and denominator is the horizontal asymptote.

What is the horizontal asymptote of 5 divided by x minus 6?


How do you translate The quantity of four minus x divided by three into mathematical terms?

(4 - x)/3

What is the domain range and asymptote of gx equals 2 to the power of x minus 3?

The domain is (-infinity, infinity) The range is (-3, infinity) and the asymptote is y = -3

Solve x over the quantity x minus one equals onehalf minus the quantity x plus one over the quantity x minus two?


How do you find an oblique asymptotes?

An oblique asymptote is another way of saying "slant asymptote."When the degree of the numerator is one greater than the denominator, an equation has a slant asymptote. You divide the numerator by the denominator, and get a value. Sometimes, the division pops out a remainder, but ignore that, and take the answer minus the remainder. Make your "adapted answer" equal to yand that is your asymptote equation. To graph the equation, plug values.

What is the answer for x minus 3 over x plus two?

Solve? 2 is where the right piece of this function crosses the X axis, but the vertical asymptote is important here.(X - 3)/(X + 2)divide both terms, top and bottom by X- 3/X divided by 2/Xsame as- 3/X * X/2= - 3/2========the vertical asymptote

What is a minus divided by a minus equals?

÷/÷ = +

Minus divided by minus?


What is 4 divided by 9 minus 1 divided by 12?

4 divided by 9 minus 1 divided 12?

What is 12.8 divided by minus 0.2?


What is 3 divided minus 6?