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It is a square based pyramid. And the word is which, not witch!

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A square-based pyramid

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It is a square pyramid.

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Q: What is the name of the 3d shape that has a square base and four other sides which are triangles?
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What shape are the faces of a rectangular pyramid?

One square or rectangle as it's base, and the other sides are triangles.

What shape are the faces in a square pyramid?

triangle and square 4 triangles one square

What shapes are the sides of a square pyramid?

Triangular. the base is square, with four other triangular faces.

What solid figures can you make with four isosceles triangles and one square?

A pyramid. The square being the base and the triangles the 'sides' - each having a side connected to a side of the square - the other sides connected to 'neighbor-triangles'.

How many triangles make up the shape of a pyramid?

There are 4 triangles that make up a pyramid. 4 on the sides and on the bottom a square or rectangle.

What is a shape in which all sides are the same length?

A square * * * * * No, the shape is equilateral. You can have equilateral triangles, 4-sided shapes such as rhombi, or polygons with 5 or more sides. A square is just one specific example.

Will a pattern of right triangles and squares tessellate?

Yes. Consider the situation when: the right-angled triangles are also isosceles and the hypotenuse (longest side) of the triangles is equal to the side of the square. If you surround a square with four of right-angled triangles (the sides of the square being in contact with the hypotenuses of the triangles), you get a larger shape which is also a square. Taking this as a basic unit, you can make a tesselations. You can also make tessalations if you have two sets of squares, one with sides the same length of the hypotenuse of the triangles and one with sides the same length as the smaller sides of the triangles.

What shape has eight sides that are equilateral triangles?

A regular octahedron - two square based pyramids stuck together along their square bases.

How do you compare and contrast an equilateral triangle and a square?

Differences: Squares have 4 sides / equilateral triangles have 3 sides. Squares have 90 degree angles / equilateral triangles have 60 degree angles. Squares have 2 diagonals / equilateral triangles have none Similarities: All sides of the shape are congruent All angles of the shape are congruent

How many sides does a square pyrimid has?

The same as other pyramids -- 5. 4 triangles and one square.

What shapes are the sides of a square pyramind?

triangles square

What is a shape with no equal sides and no parallel sides?

A type of irregular shape, including scalene triangles, and many other shapes. Circles would work too.