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no, 0.25 (or 1/4), is the reciprocal of 4.

the reciprocal of 25 is 1/25

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The reciprocal is that number which when multipled by the original value is equal to 1. Therefor, the reciprocal of 25 ft. / sec. is 1 sec. / 25 ft.

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Q: What is the reciprocal of 25 feet per second?
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What is the fraction for 25 feet per second?

write the unit as a fraction 25 feet per second

How many feet per second are in 25 miles per hour?

It is about 36.6 feet per second.

25 miles per hour equals how many feet per second?

36.67 feet per second.

At 25 mph how many feet per second does a car travel?

At 25 miles per hour, a car travels: 36.67 feet per second.

How many feet per minute are equivalent to 25 feet per second?

There are 1,760 x 3 x 12 = 63,360 inches in one mile. Travelling 25 miles per hour is the same as travelling 63,360 x 25 = 1,594,000 inches in one hour.Dividing this by the number of seconds in one hour gives us 1,594,000 / 3,600 = 442.7 recurring (that is, 442.777... inches per second.)

How many fps is 12 mph?

To convert mph to fps, you can multiply by 1.47. So, 12 mph is approximately 17.6 fps.

If im traveling 25 mph how much ground am you covering per second?

At 25 mph you are covering 36.67 feet per second.

How far does a car traveling at 25 mph go in 1 second?

How far does a car traveling at 25 mph go in 1 second25 miles / hour = 25 x 5,280 feet per hour = 132,000 feet per hour132,000 / 60 minutes per hour = 2200 feet per minute2,200 feet / 60 seconds per minute = 36.66 feet per second

What is the speed of a tiger feet per second?

Elephants can run about 25 mph. This equates to 36.6667 feet per second.

How long will it take to travel 1000 feet going at 25 feet per second?

1000/25 = 40 seconds

How many feet per second are in 25 mph?

36.66666666 fps

If you are traveling 25 mile per hour how far do you travel in one second?

You travel 51.3 feet per second.