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2/6, 4/12, 25/75, etc. Just make sure the denominator is three times the numerator!

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Q: What is the same fractions as one third?
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What is one third of twenty four fractions?

Eight fractions is.

One third as in fractions?

one third as in fraction = 1/3

Is there any differences between one third of three fourths and three fourths of one third?

No, it is the same result. The word "of", in problems with fractions, can be replaced by a multiplication sign, and multiplication of any real numbers (including fractions) is commutative.

How do you add three fractions without the same denominators?

When you want to add fractions that have different denominators, you have to convert them into fractions that do have the same denominators. So for example, how much is a half plus a third? Both of these can be converted into sixths, so one half equals three sixths, and one third equals two sixths. Three sixths plus two sixths equals five sixths. That's the answer. If you have three fractions with different denominators, the procedure is the same. Convert all three into fractions with the same denominators, then add them.

What is a half add on one third?

You can only add together fractions where the denominator (bottom number) is the same. One half is the same as 3/6. One third is the same as 2/6. 3 + 2 = 5 So your answer would be 5/6

What two fractions have the same product as one third?

1/3 1/2 = 2/6 which is 1/3

What are all the fractions that are less than one third?

nothing is less than one third

What to fractions equal one third?

0.3333 repeating

Why is the number larger when you divide fractions?

Because it's the same as multiplying the inverse. Dividing something by one third is the same as multiplying it by three. The number will get larger.

What fraction is equal to one third in fractions?


What is one third of one third?

It is one ninth. Since everything is backwards in fractions, you multiply 3*3 and get nine.

What is one third equal to in fractions?

One third is a fraction. It's everyday language for one over three. 1/3