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A rectangle.

A rectangle.

A rectangle.

A rectangle.

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A rectangle.

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Q: What is the shape or kind of face on a cuboid?
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Related questions

What shape face does a cuboid have?


Why cuboid is a solid shape?

Because CUBOID it is a name given to a certain kind of solid shape.

What are shape faces?

A shape face is basically a face on a shape eg: there are 6 faces on a cube and cuboid so there is your answer!

What shape have 6 faces and each face is a rectangle?

A cuboid.

What shape has no triangular face?

A cuboid prism has no triangular faces

What kind of shape is a cuboid?

A box or smooth brick.

A math book is shaped like what kind of solid?

Approximatively a parallelepipedal

Which 3 dimensional shape and 6 face and 8 coners?

It is a cuboid

What has 6 face 3d shape?

A cube or cuboid or rectangular prism.

What Shape has 8 vertices 12 edges 6 face?


What is my shape if my face has 3 pairs of parallel faces?

A cube or a cuboid

What does cuboid mean?

Cuboid means an object that is more less cubic in shape. A cube is a six sided shape that has six faces that face one another.

What kind of shape hs 8 vertices 12 edges 6 faces?

A parallelepiped, of which a cuboid is a special kind. And a cube is a special kind of cuboid.

Is a cuboid 2d or 3d shape?

a cuboid is a 3 dimensional shape

What is the shape of a cuboid?

a box is good for cuboid

Does a cuboid have 24 right angles?

A cuboid has twenty four right angles. A cuboid is a shape with six faces that are either squares or rectangles. Each face has four right angles.

What is difference between a cuboid and a cylinder?

okay here is the difrence a cuboid is a shape that is 3D and has eight faces a cylinder however is a 3D shape but it only has 2 faces the top and the bottom face

What shape is a cuboid?

3D shape

What is the shape of a base cuboid?

The base of a cuboid is a rectangle.

What is the percentage of a cuboid?

A cuboid is 100% of a cuboid and 0% of any other shape.

What shape has 6 faces and some rectangular?

a cuboid has 4 rectangular faces and 2 square face

What 3d shape has 1 rectangular face?

square base pyramid

What is visualising solids shapes?

Visualising solid shapes is a very useful skill. We can see the hidden parts of a solid shape. For example, when a cuboid with a square face is cut vertically, then each face is a square. The face is a cross section of the cuboid

Which shape does not roll?


When the top of a 3d shape is cut what is it called?

There is no special name since the resulting shape depends on the original shape. For example, a cuboid will remain a cuboid, a cube will become a cuboid.