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Assuming you mean a rectangular prism, you get the smallest surface area if the prism is a cube. You can calculate the required length of side to get that volume; then, based on that, the corresponding surface area.

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The smallest surface area is approx 189.32 square cm.

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Q: What is the smallest possible surface area of a right prism with a volume of 200 cm3?
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How is it possible for objects to have the same volume but different area?

Yes. A cube that is 2x2x2 has the same volume as a rectangular prism that is 1x2x4, which is 8. The surface area of the cube is 24 while the surface area of the rectangular prism is 28.

What is the volume of a rectangular prism if the surface area is 34?

You can't derive the volume from the surface area.

Surface area and volume of a right prism?

The surface are of a right prism is equal to twice the area of its base plus the perimeter of the base multiplied with the height of the prism. The volume can be determined by multiplying the Area of the base by the height of the prism.

How do you find the volume and surface area of a triangle or prism?

The Surface area of a triangle = 0.5*base*height The volume of a prism = area of its cross-section*length

Is the volume of a rectangular prism squared or cubed?

The volume is cubed and the surface area is squared.

If you double the volume of a rectangular prism does its surface area double?


Is the surface area of a triangular prism cubed?

Surface area is squared; volume is cubed.

What is the volume of a prism that has a surface area of 84 square units?

That depends on how many faces this particular prism has.

Is there a essayer why to do surface area of triangular prism?

A surface area would be vital for determining volume

What kind of prism has the biggest volume if they have the same surface area?

A cylinder.

What are the 2 nets of trangular prism?

The two nets of a regular right triangular prism are surface area and volume.

Will an equilateral triangular prism have the least amount of surface area?

No. Relative to its volume, the greater the number of sides, the smaller the volume. In the limit, a cylinder (circular prism, with an infinite number of "sides") will have the least surface area.