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It is its volume which is measured in cubic units

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It is its volume.

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Q: What is the space within a geometric solid figure called?
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What is a doughnut mathematically?

2 consecutive circles ============= As a solid geometric figure, a doughnut shape is called a torus.

What is a three dimensional geometric figure?

A Solid ... such as a sphere or a cube.

Geometric object or figure having three dimensions?


A figure made up of simple geometric shapes?

A geometric solid. The answer is NOT polyhedron. A cone, for example, which is a figure made up of the most simple geometric shapes (a straight line) and a circle, is not a polyhedron.

What is a Ring shaped geometric figure?

The geometric name for the shape of a Hula Hoop or a smoke ring (which are hollow) is a torus. If the shape is solid, like a donut or a ring, it's called a toroid.

What is geometric kite?

A geometric figure is a figure of any shape and size, and can also be flat/plane ( meaning, two dimensional like triangle, equilateral., pentagon...) or solid (3 dimensional figure like cube, pyramid, sphere..).A geometric model is a geometric figure that represents real life object like butterfly, flower, earth, etc.So a geometric kite is a two dimensional geometric figure or model.

Which figure has 2 triangular and 2 rectangular faces?

Such at figure - as described - could not be made as a solid geometric shape.

What is the geometric shape name for ring donut?

The surface of the doughnut is called a TOROID.The whole thing (the solid contained within a toroid) is called a TORUS.

The sides of a solid figure is called a?

A side of a solid figure is called a face.

A regular geometric solid with smoothsurfaces are called a?

a crystal

What solid geometric figure has 4 faces 4 vertices and 6 edges?

A tetrahedron.

What is it called when repeating geometric arrangement of the particles in a solid called?


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