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Five hundred in Roman numerals is the letter D.

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It is D.

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Q: What letter five hundred in Roman numerals?
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What letter is a five hundred in roman numerals?

D is the Roman Numeral for 500.

Letter that is five hundred in Roman numerals?

In Roman numerals the symbol D represents the number 500.

What letter is five hundred in Roman numerals?

It is 500 = D

What letter in five hundred in roman numbers?

In Roman numerals D represents 500.

What letters is five hundred in roman numerals?

D is 500

What letter is five in roman numerals?


What is five-thousand two-hundred eighty in Roman numerals?


What is the Roman numerals for two thousand five hundred four?


What is five in Roman numerals?

five in the roman numerals is "V"

What is mccxivii in roman numerals?

one thousand, five hundred, sixty four & two

What is abbreviation for five hundred?

In Roman numerals, the letter D was used to represent 500, though it's hard to consider Roman numerals an "abbreviation" per se ("1776" is much shorter than MDCCLXXVI).

What is a 5 letter word made up entirely of roman numerals?

The five letter word MIMIC can be formed from Roman numerals but as the individual numerals are in the wrong order it isn't a real Roman numeral.

How do you write five million one hundred thousand seventy in Roman numerals?

| li | lxx

What are the Roman Numerals for 1 and 5?

One is represented with the letter I. A five is represented with the letter V.

How do you write in words1625?

It is: one thousand six hundred and twenty five = 1625 and in Roman numerals MDCXXV

Does d equal five hundred in roman numerals?

It is perhaps in reference to "demi mille", or "half a thousand".

How do you write six hundred five in numerals?

It is 605 in Hindu-Arabic numerals and in Roman numerals it is DCV

What are the Roman numerals from one one thousand?

I - one V - five X - ten L - fifty C - hundred D - five hundred M - thousand

How do you say five in roman numerals?

Five = V

Is CCCV the same as the number 305?

In roman numerals, yes. C represents one hundred and V represents five.

How do you write two million three hundred fifty nine thousand two hundred forty five in roman numerals?

In today's terms 2,359,245 = (MMCCCLIX)CCXLV But during the Roman era it would have probably been written out differently in the way that we write out Roman numerals today.

How do you write Five thousand five hundred and five thousandths in numerals?


What does v in roman numerals stand for?


Which letter is five in roman numerals x l d?

Neither X, L, nor D, are 5 in roman numerals. X is 10, L is 50, and D is 500. 5 is always represented as a V in roman numerals.

Write five hundred million in numerals?