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The answer is 18 - consider that a division sum is always a fraction in the form x over y. x/55 is equal to 18/55 - simply replace the 18 for an x, and then replace back.

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Q: What number divided by 55 will result in a value of 18 over 55?
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What is The number that is left after one whole number is divided by another?

The quotient is the number of times the second number goes intro the first and the remainder is what is left over.

What is the answer to this problem x over 0?

For any value divided by zero the answer is "infinite" or "undefined". Think about it. X divided by 1 is X. X divided by 1/2 is 2X. X divided by 1/4 is 4X. As the divisor gets smaller, the result gets larger. As the divisor approaches zero, the result approaches infinity.

Is sixteen over negative eleven a positive or negative slope?

A positive number divided by a negative number is negative. The same happens if you divide a negative number by a positive number - the result will also be negative.yes

What is 2 over 3 divided by 12 over 12?

Anything divided by one is the original number.

What is the number called that is left over after one number is divided into another number?

The remainder.

What do you call the number that is left over after one is divided into another number?

The Quotient

What is 33 over 84 divided by?

Any number you like.

What is the name of the amount left over when a number cannot be divided equally?

We call this left over number the remainder.

Why isnt the absolute value of a over b always a over b?

the absolute value of a over b is not the invers. it is a posative number of a over b. when you see the absolute value, just change it to a posative number. if it is posative, you have your answer.

Which fraction has a value greater than four over eleven?

Four oven ten, or five over eleven are two simple answers.Any other fraction for which the value of (the denominator) divided by (the numerator)is less than 2.75 is also a correct answer. There are an infinite number of them.

What number do you divided by to get 1 over 4 if its 25 over 100?

25. its the greatest number that goes into both numbers evenly

What is 180 over 630 in simplest form?

180/630 can be multiplied by 0.01111.../0.01111... to simplify it to 2/7. Multiplying by 1, does not change the value of the number, and any number divided by itself equals 1.

Find the absolute value of the number.6 over 5?

if you find this number

What is 3 whole number 2 over 3 divided by 4 whole number 2 over 3?

I think this means 3 and two-thirds divided by 4 and two-thirds. This is 11 over 3 divided by 14 over 3, which is identical to 11 over 3 multiplied by 3 over 14. This works out at Eleven-Fourteenths

What whole number can't be turn in a fraction?

There is no such number. Any whole number can be turned into a fraction simply by writing it over 1. Or, writing twice its value over 2; or three times its value over 3.

Which is larger 6 over 7 or 7 over 8?

its 7 divided by 8. 6 divided by 7 has more numbers meaning its a smaller number ^_^

How do you simplify 38 over 133?

Divide both by the same number. 38 over 133 38 divided by 38 over 133 divided by 38 1 over 3 1 third

What number can be divided by 5 and 4 and 3 with 2 left over?


What is the amount left over when a number cannot be divided equally called?

The remainder.

What is the amount left over when a number cannot be divided evenly?

It is called "the remainder"

Is 388 odd?

No, any number that can be divided by 2 evenly (no fractions left over) is an even number

What is 8 over 1 mixed number?

8 over 1 is 8 divided by 1, which is the whole number 8 (no fractional part).

What is 10 divided by 9 over 1?

Whenever a number is divided by 1, the answer is the same as the number you started with. Thus "9 over 1" in the question can be rewritten as "9." Therefore the question is simply what is 10 divided by 9. The answer is 1 1/9 or 1.111...

What does a x over a p mean?

x/p means that whatever value x represents is to be divided by whatever value p represents.

Is 16 over 32 in lowest terms?

Nope. They are both even numbers which means they can both be divided by another even number such as 2 or 8 or even 16. This one divided to it's lowest form will result in one half (1/2).