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1 x 5 x 7 x 35

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The question was what number times ITSELF is 1225, not what times FOUR is 1225.
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35 x 35 = 1225

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Q: What number times itself is 1225?
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What two-digit number multiplied by itself to 1225?

35*35 = 1225

What number when multiplied by itself gives 1225?

Take the square root of 1225, which is 35.

What times what times what times what 1225?

1 times 1 times 1225

What times what equals 1225?

35*35 = 1225

What 3 numbers times together equals 1225?

They can be: 1*25*49 = 1225

What number goes into 1225?


What times what is 1225?


How do you spell 1225?

The number 1225 is "one thousand two hundred twenty-five." The year 1225 AD is "twelve twenty-five."

What times what times what times what equals 1225?


What times what makes 1225?


What is used to indicate multiplying a number by itself an certain number of times?

An exponent is used to indicate that a number is multiplied by itself a specified number of times. For example, to multiply 4 by itself 9 times, you would write 49.

What do you mean by squaring a number and cubing a number?

squaring a number is when you times it by itself. eg. 2x2 or 5x5 cubing a number is when you times it by itself and then times it again. eg. 2x2x2 or 5x5x5

How many times dose 5 go into 1225?

Exactly 245 times

A square number with 4 digits?

1225 = 352.

What number times itself equals 2116?

46 squared or times itself equals 2116.

What is power of 49?

A number times itself 49 times.

What is multiplying the base number by itself once or many times?

Same as multiplying any number by itself once or many times.

What is 7 times 175?

7 x 175 = 1225

What is 35 times 35?

35 x 35 = 1225

How do you write the number 1225 as a product of prime factors?

5 x 5 x 7 x 7 = 1225

What is a number of times a base number is multiplied by itself?


Number of times a base number is multiplied by itself?

the exponent

What is a number multiplied by itself 3 times?

It is a cubed number

What is a number times itself called?


What number times itself 194?