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Assume the number is x, then 2x + 3 = 3. This means 2x = 0. The result is x = 0

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What number times two plus three would equal three?
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What number times itself would equal 196?


What are three equal factors of a number?

One of them would be the cube root.

How would you write three times a number decreased by fourteen is four?

How do you write half a number decreased by 8 is equal to the sum of the number and 14

If a number is greater than 1 would three times that number be less than equal to or greater than3?

If a number is more than 1, then three of it must be more than 3.(If I give you more than a dollar three times, you certainly wind up with more than $3.)

How would you write the sum of seven times a number and nine is equal to six times the number?

7x +9 = 6x

What is the greatest number of times you would regroup if you were multiplying a three digit number by a two digit number?

6 times

How many ninths are equal to two thirds?

Thankfully, 3 and 9 are related! Three times three equalsnine, so three times two (of those thirds) would equal six! Six ninths are equal to two thirds.

How do you calculate three months to equal twelve months?

I would guess 3 months times 4 months would equal 12 months...

How would you write x times eleven is equal to thirty three?


What number times itself would equal 60?

7.745966692414834 x 7.745966692414834 = 60

What number multiplied by 32 would equal 81?

It is: 2.53125 times 32 = 81

What would an expression for five times a number used as a factor three times?


What is three times 1.40?

3 times 1.40 would equal 4.20. 1.40 x 3 ----- 4.20 Simple maths?

What is 111222333445566778899000999887766443322111111111111111111111111111111122222222222222222222222222222222222222222 times 123444567890123456789123456781234567899877665432233445567789 divided by 1?

Any number divided by 1 (one) would equal that same number.

Why will a prime number times a prime number always equal a composite number?

the two prime numbers will be factors of that number, which would make that number a composite number

3 less than the product of three and a number?

Expressed algebraically, this would be equal to 3x - 3.

A number times itself plus 1 equals 10?

That would be 3 (THREE)

What is the relationship between the number of equal angle and the number of equal sides?

In equilateral triangle : sides are equal and angles are equal. So if all sides sre equal then the angles between them would be equal. The angles would equal 60 degrees. In an isosceles triagle, two of the three sides are equal. In a scalene triangle, all of the sides are different.

What times what equals 2?

it wouldn't equal anything its a prime number but of course it would be only 2x1

If you threw a 6-sided die 60 times how many times would you expect it to land on a number greater than or equal to 3?

40 times

How do you write Three less than the product of 13 and a number?

Expressed as an equation, this would be equal to 13x - 3.

How many days will 6 quarts of solution last using three cups per day?

If there are four cups in a quart, and you have six quarts, then four times six would equal 24. Now if you divide that number by the use of three for each day, the 24 divided by three would be eight.

If you threw a 6-sided die 48 times how many times would you expect it to land on a number greater than or equal to 4?

I would expect it to land on a number of 4 or higher 50% of the time or roughly 24 times.

A certain two-digit number is equal to 9 times the sum of its digitIf 63 were subtracted from the number the digits would be reversed Find the number?


What is 4.538 times 10 to the ninth power?

This is a number written in scientific notation, which expanded would equal 4,538,000,000.