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1-10 you write with letters and 11+ you write with numerals.

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Q: What numbers do you write with letters and what numbers do you write with numerals?
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How do you write a to z in roman numerals?

Letters are not numbers. Not all letters in the alphabet represent Roman numerals though some letters do.

How do you write 8th Jan 2012 in 5 letters but without numbers?

roman numerals

Who used letters instead of numbers?

The Romans did but these letters or numerals represented numbers.

How do you write numerals on the computer?

with the keyboard letters

What are facts that numbers and roman numerals are different?

A) Arabic numerals are in numbers whereas Roman numerals are in letters.B) Even if Roman numerals are in letters the symbols are easier to understand, despite the fact that Australians and Americans and most probably you write numbers using the system of Arabic numerals.C) The system of Roman numerals was invented before the system of Arabic numerals, but people use the system of Arabic numerals to write more frequently.

How do you write the alphabet in Roman numerals?

Roman numerals are numbers.

How do you write 1101992 in numeral letters?

You have written them in numerals

How were large numbers in roman numerals shown?

As any other roman numerals...with letters.

How do you write 3210 in letters?

3210 = MMMCCX in Roman numerals which are expressed in letters

How do you write 6th Sept 2011 in 5 letters without using numbers?

Using Roman Numerals: VI/IX/MMXI uses a total of 4 letters.


There is no O and E in Roman Numerals.

Which numbers can not be written in roman numerals?

The roman numerals don't have a way to write 0, negative numbers, or fractions.

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